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The Tea Party is a Fascist Organization and a By-product of Capitalism

The title of this essay is a claim fairly easy to make in my estimation, and I won’t be spending much time trying to prove it.  Doggedly and passionately anti-Socialist, anti-government unless it means locking up faggots, hippies, women who have abortions or any other group that aren’t fanatically Christian enough for these zealots, they are Fascist in every sense of the word, and would be Nazis only they’ve replaced anti-Semitism with a type of Islamophobia viewing Muslims as a collective race of people as the Nazis did the Jews, and viewing them as a impending threat to National sovereignty and the continuation of the Classical Liberal tradition.  Though, of course “Liberal” is one of the foulest words in the English dictionary to them (asides from Atheist, Marxist, or Intellectual, getting me all three times) and as some of the most extreme elements of the Religious Right they’re strongly opposed to secular and Classical Liberal ideals – the ideals this country was founded upon – as well.  Here is link to a short article - - describing briefly an explicit account of what I’m describing, though frankly I wouldn’t need this evidence to state with confidence and conviction that the Tea Party is Fascism with a patriotic head as Nazism was totalitarianism and anti-intellectualism with a German head; Germany beforehand being the most cultured and intellectual place in Europe, seen in their long last of intellectuals both accepted in the University’s and social recluses, and by the work of one of those recluses, namely Marx’s The German Ideology, where he describes German’s fascination with Hegel.
Mussolini described Fascism as where the corporations become the Government, or at the very least where State and Corporate interests merge, and of course since the era of Reagan and to a smaller extent across American history we do see this on-large.  Beginning in large with HW Bush and Reagan due-to their pushing of anti-democratic laws that with the financing of parties by corporations made the quasi-dictatorial or authoritarian two-party state we now reside in; and at times I’m tempted to take away the “quasi” qualifier based on what I read or hear about everyday that is usually swept under the rug by the establishment corporate news sources that I’m glad to see is losing its power more so every year.  To illustrate the ignorance of the average American, different important questions are asked, but one of which that I’m glad to hear the answer of is that many Americans can no longer identify large news anchors on corporate-run television stations.  I realize that this means that the average American at-least in some ways is becoming more apathetic of current events and affairs, but I also consider this to be an improvement to being earnestly concerned about every-little-tragedy that occurs in America and either never wanting any solution or buying into a horrible solution like more police in schools than the actual problem which is cultural and a severe lack of gun regulation.  One thing you can say about a Nihilist whether he or she is so explicitly or subconsciously is they’ll never buy into the propaganda of those pumping it into the Stratosphere.  For those unaware of the “There’s Always Room For Jello” Campaign and how Jello Biafra in the seventies was allowed federally mandated equal time with those with corporate backings, it’s something to investigate on to see how far this country has gone from being a true Democracy even in the guise of Representative Democracy.
Of course the Tea Party is Fascist, as is the Republican Party, to a lesser extent Democratic Party and the overall movement in America of supporting corporations over human rights and needs and supporting police brutality and bigoted religious prejudice over secular rights for all.  The anti-intellectualism and sheer stupidity of these goons (all parties mentioned asides from the victims) is self-evident to anyone with two neurons to spare him of being a complete an utter moron.  Because I feel that we Leftists should never forget the type of dupes and rubes we’re dealing with, and one of the reasons why we must always take the materialist route of educating and increasing the quality of life of the average person before swaying them, here are three responses the question “Is the Tea Party Fascist” from Yahoo Answers, not the most educated or articulate of venues on the internet I confess, but I never made the qualification that it would be nor did I need-to to qualify my statement: 

·         xtreme nationalism? you mean we don't hate ou country like you Marxists do? 

Or you mean we think the Studen loan program and two thirds of the Auto makers whould be owned by the governmetn? 


yeah, we want lower taxes and less government. That sounds pretty fascist to me! 


o    So you find a story on a person that says he is in the Tea PArty and condemn the whole movement. 

David Duke was a Democrat. Are all Democrats racist nazis? 
Ted Kennedy was a cheat, drunk and murderer. Are all Democrats a cheat, drunk and murderer.

o    I am PROUD to be a member of the TEA Party. The members in this group represent me, are like me, and it is how I am raising my son. 

My son will not be a hip-hop welfare sucker, a drug user, and a parasite on society like democrats and liberals.

I don’t know why worthless morons have the compulsion of making their stupidity blatant by capitalizing words or having terrible spelling and grammar, but we should be thankful that this is the case.  Also I feel I’m only scooping the curdled material at the top-of-the-barrel, if one would go to Conspiracy Theorists Say the Darndest Things, or Fundamentalists Say the Darndest Things – not all Tea Partiers I realize but very similar in mentality – you’ll find content so vapid, so dense and so delusional and unknowledgeable it’ll make this stuff look like an adequate thesis paper addressing American contemporary politics.
Many Liberal commentators are intelligent and adept enough in their own craft and mentality to realize almost all of what I’ve said, however, the major distinction between us Scientific Socialists, Marxists and them, is that they preach a almost wholly and utterly idealistic framework that ignores the effects of poverty and ignorance Capitalism produces that allows Fascism to foster, that we materialists understand intuitively.  Fascism and the fanatically religious cannot exist on-large without institutionalized poverty and ignorance which is what the Capitalist system creates, allowing on quasi-Fascist politicians and church leaders to propagandize, alter history books, and create the ideological and cultural superstructure which allows some form of Capitalism to flourish.  Some Liberals like Cenk Uyger of The Young Turks mentions that they (or “we” if as Progressives Leftists would fall into a larger camp that they’re a subcategory of) can work with Tea Partiers because they both think the Governments far too big and is critical of what they call “Crony Capitalism.”  What they don’t understand is that they have radically different perceptions of the world, logic, morality, cause-and-effect, psychological or subconscious precepts and therefore the two colluding would be as difficult and counterproductive as Fundamentalist Christians and Secularists joining against Pagans, (a word I generally don’t use and don’t like because it essentially means “non-Abrahamic”) especially considering there are more Pagan traditions in Christmas than Christian ones.  The Tea Party’s belief that “the Government is too big” is held in their belief that the average citizen (especially if he is black, a foreigner, or Liberal) is lazy and is essentially a leech, feeding off their well-earned white profits.  If these people are “Libertarian” they are essentially Libertarian the way Hitler was a Socialist.  For those ignorant of such things, Hitler defined Socialism as a “whites-only” creed or ideology, to show how much he knew or understood of a mentality which has the defining characteristic of being post-racial.  If Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, or Ron Paul or Libertarians, then so is essentially every anti-Secular bigot in the deep-south.  I knew Right-wing Libertarians were growing in number but who knew they were running the country the whole time?
As a closing, I’d like to rephrase that the Republicans themselves have become more fundamentalist as they begin their inevitable decline, much like to my knowledge the largest of dinosaurs existed just at the precipice of the Age of the Reptiles.  We all know of insane far-right politicians who want to make receiving a blowjob (or giving, though something tells me that I don’t need to guess with modern Conservative misogyny – yes real misogyny Feminists, not men who are pigs for looking at porn – which one would be punished more sternly.  Also, there’s a funny Catholic mandate of the Medieval Era, I’m sorry to say I’m ignorant of the exact century, claiming that all women who give blowjobs are committing an act of cannibalism.  If you know where this derives from, I’ll buy you a drink.) or those who believe that evolution and global warming are Atheist “Liberal” lies from Hell, but though even America’s average idiot has grown past this insanity, we must acknowledge the seriousness of what they propose past the insanity of their statements.  Hitler said crazy things about Jews, gays and Communists as-well, but he was and had in his ranks those who were serious enough about their laughable convictions and beliefs to effect change towards their insanity, as we see in the Conservative movement, with the Tea Party being only a Populist faction of.
In-fact the average American is making small-steps towards Atheism, Progressivism and Enlightenment convictions despite their slightly-above marginal intellects and the otherwise completely anti-intellectual atmosphere of the consumeristic and religious establishments.  The baby boomers death is a new life to our Nation, and we Marxists must take a hold of this and not allow sectarianism or idealism to corrupt or neutralize our movement and revolutionary potential.  We must always elucidate our views, but more important than said views is creating the atmosphere where they can be understood and believed in.  We must first strengthen the muscles, brain, and detox the junky and fast food addict (that is he who willingly buys into Right-wing garbage, or he who simply has had it in his presence like unhealthy elements in food his entire life; obviously the latter is who we should focus on for he will not be set against us.  Though there are traits of the drug addict and fast food consumer in most individuals, and I mean this in both the literal sense, and for the purposes of my incredibly well-constructed analogy.) and to temper what will be the new drug, namely Consumeristic Liberalism (or Liberal Consumerism if you like though both seem accurate) which almost inevitably will replace Religious Conservatism. 
Seen in the rise of Fascism in Greece after its unemployment crises, as well-as a slight rise in Fascist sentiment in Europe as a whole almost without exception to the extent the unemployment crises and the Right’s austerity programs harmed the poor and their Social Democracy’s welfare state, Capitalism by its very nature drastically reduces egalitarian, democratic and intellectual potential to the extent that it exists, but as materialists and Marxists we must combat said material ills producing ideological evils such as Fascism with our own unique synthesis of material and ideological tactics which Scientific Socialism and Dialectical Materialism alone can give us.
Well, now that I’ve skipped through all the spelling and grammar errors of the three Yahoo responses I’ve included, I’ve decided to give you my friends a gift of more odd insanity, the first two having to do with what I’ve been discussing, and the last being included just for chuckles.  Enjoy.
Statutory rape should be decided on a case-by-case, frankly it's a judgement call. 

Ex : 14 year old girl, 18 year old boy. I don't necessarily see anything wrong with that. 

Ex : 14 year old girl, 40 year old man. That's generally wrong BUT sentence should be individual. If he's seducing her, throw the book at him. But if she seems to be the primary actor and "shit happened" I don't necessarily think prison is appropriate or helpful. More likely the girl has psychological problems that she's going out seducing middle-aged men for casual sex. She needs help and counciling, and he needs to keep his dick in his pants, I'd give him a year in prison to help him do that. 

Just like with murder there's different degrees. 

There's a difference between "we were having a fight, he fell, hit his head and died" vs "I snuck into his house while he was sleeping and cut his throat." 

One is "shit happens" and the other is "you're a cold-blooded murderer and a danger to society." 

But there's no degrees in rape. The guy who brutally beats a woman and rapes her in the ass is getting the same sentence as a portly middle-age schoolteacher that couldn't help himself when a lolita offered herself. 

I don't see feminists complaining when a 35 year old female teacher is having sex with 14 year old boys. And frankly the 14 year old boys aren't complaining either. What does she usuallty get? A slap on the wrist? I don't see NOW holding protests over that. They just don't care. 

Child support and alimony should be abolished. 

Your body, your choice, your wallet. 

If he shows up to court and wants to be involved, he should have automatic 50/50 custody. 

If he doesn't show up, doesn't get involved, then raise the child yourself. Whoever actually wants to raise the child should raise the child. 

If she doesn't care, doesn't want to be involved, then HE should take the child and raise it. 

If they both care about the child, then do a 50/50 split parenting. 

As far as forcible rape goes, I know there's a tendency to want harsher and harsher sentences, but honestly I think 18 years 9 months in prison is quite alot by anybody's standards, especially when the other inmates know you're in for rape. It's not gonna be fun and games, trust me, and you're prolly gonna get raped in prison and you prolly deserve it. 

My 2 cents
I’m often asked, “Why is the Constitution such a big issue to you?” My initial response is, “Why isn’t it a big issue to you?” Let me provide a short list of reasons why the Constitution and what it represents should be important to all of us: 

1. It defies Yahweh’s sovereignty and morality in nearly every article and amendment. 

2. It’s the reason America is teetering on the precipice (or, actually, already falling into the chasm) of moral depravity and national destruction. 

3. Every problem America faces today can be traced back to the fact that the framers failed to expressly establish a government upon Yahweh’s immutable morality as codified in His commandments, statutes, and judgments. (Would infanticide and sodomy be tolerated, let alone financed by the government, if Yahweh’s perfect law and altogether righteous judgments were the law of the land? Would Islam be a looming threat to our peace and security if the First Amendment had been replaced with the First Commandment? Would Americans be in nearly as much debt if usury had been outlawed as a form of theft? Would crime be as rampant if “cruel and unusual punishment” had not been outlawed and criminals were instead punished with Yahweh’s altogether righteous judgments? Would we be on the fiscal cliff if we were taxed with a flat increase tax rather than a graduated income tax?) 

4. Identifying and repenting of the Constitution, as the national idol it represents, holds part of the answer for restoring America to her 17th-century Christian roots. 

5. Any hope of a future generation establishing a government of, by, and for Yahweh depends upon our exposing the Constitution’s heresy and instilling Yahweh’s law in the hearts and minds of our children and grandchildren.


Allow me to introduce myself... 

My name is Krista, otherwise known as "The Femitheist". I am a female, a feminist, and someone who believes strongly in True Equality. 

Now, I will begin explaining this entry before I post the actual article... for your discussion, of course. 

Women MUST and WILL have equality, and this is the ONLY way to achieve TRUE equality. The testicles of all males, which produce the majority of their testosterone, are the primary cause of their violent behavior. The testicles also attribute greatly to many of the health problems men experience later in life (such as prostate cancer and, of course, testicular cancer). 

~:The Solution... International Castration Day.:~ 

It is my belief (which I consider factual based on my research) that all men SHOULD be castrated. Not only for their own safety, but for the safety of all innocent women and children. 

And, to achieve this... 

The entire world should have an international holiday known as: "Castration Day" 

Males of all ages will be brought to the public squares of their cities nude, to stand together in a circle, as they await castration by a woman known as "The Castrator", who will be a woman chosen from the public much like a juror. 

Girls of all ages will attend, lining the streets to cheer and applaud the males as they join the rest of civilized society. 

It will be a free vacation for any working woman. And, young girls will be able to leave school to attend this glorious ceremony. 

The males will then have one hour to get to know their Castrator. Their female "spouse" will also be able to choose whether or not they would like to milk the male in order to retain a sperm sample. 

If the male is too young for a "spouse", their mother or closest female relative will decide. 

After this, the men will be given anesthetics. They will be placed on a table, where their Castrator will then slice open their ball-sack, remove their testicles, and the excess skin, stitch them up and clean them up. 

They will be given thirty minutes to rest after the procedure. 

Once the males have all been castrated, they will be grouped together again for one last look before walking nude back to their homes. 

The women will then return to their jobs, schools, et cetera, and rejoice in the completion of yet another successful ceremony. 

Any man who tries to evade this holiday, "Castration Day", should be murdered wherever they 
are found (treated as a criminal, as it will be a crime not to attend). Or, forced to attend. 
Regardless of age. 

Any woman who disagrees should be provided therapy in order to free her from misogynistic indoctrination. 

This holiday should replace the day known currently as "Father's Day". 

If this practice were adopted officially all across the world, all war, crime, and violence would end. 

We would have a true Eutopia, where peace reigns, and men do only what they exist for... 





Likewise, the change of their hormones would make them less aggressive, and thus less likely to rape. It would also provide them with better health throughout their life, as the testicles are a major cause of health issues in males as they age. 

All will profit from this... 

And, I believe this will come to be someday soon. 

Thanks for your consideration!

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