Wednesday, April 16, 2014

In a sense I’m in favor of this type of “activism” but for far-more than interference with international borders: I don’t think women realize the type of power they have in their sexuality to further human progress.  One of the major problems in the world is that we are taught and intrinsically are designed to be concerned with what others think.  But the simple fact is that we shouldn’t care about how we look or being something we’re not to please others.
Instead, if anything, we should view others by how they think and act, rather than dress and perform in social hierarchies.  Returning back to the power most women don’t realize they have, when some idiot wants to buy a girl a drink (first off, any half-intelligent person wouldn’t be in a bar or getting drunk on a regular basis anyhow unless they have severe psychological problems that they use drugs with to cope or mask; though of course drugs create mental problems just as much as they are an indication of them) the first thing she should ask is, “have you read any Steinbeck, Swift, Poe, etc?” or if they are knowledgeable of philosophy; and if the guy responds with a unintelligent no (that is a no without any indication they are well-read or intelligent, but simply haven’t read those three) then she should respond, “that’s too bad, because I would’ve fucked you if you did.”  If enough women were sensible enough to do this, you couldn’t tell me that every stupid guy would be reading Christopher Hitchens, Shakespeare, Camus, or even the impossible to read Kant to seem intelligent.  And of course some of it would get through.  But most women aren’t concerned with intelligence, and that’s where my master plan to increase the IQ of half the planet falls apart. 
Instead everyone judges each other by whether they toe society’s line of acceptable behavior effectively acting as the Priest and Businessman’s mindless watchdogs for deviancy.  I think it’s funny how for some reason people morally judge workers in the porn industry when all a model is is a woman selling her body and increasing Coca-Cola’s or Levy’s bottom line.  And yet her idiocy gets her and shams for human beings like her celebrity while prostitutes and porn workers are called deviant and immoral, simply because they’re honest and direct about sex while corporations sprinkle it to attract people and deaden them in a corporate landscape barren of authenticity or creativity.
Stupidity is glorified in our society, and unless this trend changes very little will improve.  Stupidity breeds apathy and contempt for those who realize what the problems are and how to fix them.  One of the main problems with people is that whatever intelligence or reason they have they allow to be consumed by petty and base instincts.
Even amongst many Liberals I find anti-intellectual resentments, because it seems that all they want to do is ease their guilty consciousness and feel good for being concerned with others, pat themselves on the back, while not really doing anything.  You see this in petitions to have the two homosexual characters in Modern Family kiss – because that’ll erode bigotry and give equal rights to all sexualities right? – and donating modest sums to charities (many of which spend more money on advertizing than on actually helping people) rather than organizing to live in a society where we don’t have budgets for doing the right thing.  It always seemed the most laughable thing to me.  “Well, we still have starving people, and people who need more affordable housing, but… we ran out of public funding so we don’t have a place for you to live.  Oh you don’t have a place of your own?  Sorry.”  But the problem’s still there.  And the State spends more money “dealing” with homelessness than it would giving these people housing.  Having a society based off of money is really one of the main problems on this planet.  It’s the reason why poor backwards countries with booming populations (which will create shortages of resources in the ensuing decades) are about to pump millions upon millions of tons of carbon and other toxins into the air, of course as result of them resorting to fossil fuels rather than green energy largely because fossil fuels are cheaper.  Very likely drastically reducing the lifetime our species will exist.  All because of money.  It’s a sad fate that not even Christianity or any religion could destroy us, but greed, ignorance and apathy can.  Liberals are cute people who are ultimately either completely ineffectual or counter-productive and believe we can use the system to drastically alter the system; and while there are examples of this occurring, on the whole there is as much suffering as there ever has been on this planet, and the problems continue to grow in size and number.  This doesn’t exactly help either:
If our species has a hope of being anything decent, then we need to start by treating the people we know with decency.  It reminds me of the line in Stars and Stripes of Corruption where he speaks about one simple thing we can do to triumph over evil is removing its mentality of using people for our own selfish ends.  You won’t find lyrics like that in mindless pop-music perpetuating Hedonism and consumerism.  At the risk of sounding egotistical I’m so glad I’m different than nearly everyone else.  Let them have their malls, fashion and shitty music with no thought, meaning or passion.  Let those who are poor in spirit and weak in mind run to substances and see if making themselves smaller prevents their comic complaints of their conceded concerns; ignoring the ultimate reality of how meaningless and comically trivial they’ve made their lives.  As superficial as their lives are superfluous.  Nietzsche was a genius for predicting that with the Death of God we’d see an era of Nihilism because that’s what the corporate age of vapid materialism is.
We live in a strange time.  Selling sugar water full of corn makes you a Captain of Industry and a commendable human being.  But to strive to use the Government and any other means necessary to help those in desperate need – that’s suspicious.  That’s political.  That makes you a Marxist who wants to end suffering and end desire and not in the abstract mystical ways Buddhists and Stoics want to.  End desire by true achievement of life granted by the proper understanding and action of humans.  Stoicism and other philosophies mean a great deal to me, and I do think that they provide a wisdom and enrichment to life that Capitalism and vapid Hedonism is also against.  That religion is also against.  But until we deal with the material conditions, the economic conditions, of our lives, striving to enlighten the world through Epicureanism or Schopenhauer will be akin to trying to light a room with the thought of a match being struck.
Also as I was in the grocery store I saw along with the women’s magazines a Time magazine that was titled: 50 ways the Bible can change your life.  I’m guessing they didn’t include being stoned by an unruly mob of Theists, unless they said that having bruises and a concave skull is the latest fashion trend.

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