Wednesday, April 9, 2014

On Captain America:  Winter Soldier

M is an excellent movie for displaying the correct opinion – rehabilitation over punishment – for our judicial system.  However Captain America:  Winter Soldier is a fine movie for displaying to-some-degree what the correct opinion should be for preventing said crime.  It is the view of the military state to punish crime before it happens while criminals are created en masse by Capitalism and ignorance.  The view of the Socialist state is to everyone the positive and negative liberty to become their fullest selves and reduce crime through both proper material incentives of the noble path and proper psychological and educational factors in society to “breed” or grow the people necessary to walk this noble path.  Shooting every criminal in the world will not eradicate crime, only destroying the sources and motives of crime will.  It expresses that fear is a tool of Authoritarianism (and to describe it more accurately Conservatism and Religion) to have them go against their interests to support those who would do them harm and have them poor, in shackles, or worst of all poor in mind and in mental shackles that one has grown far-too accustomed to. 
The ideology of surveillance and punishment is also seen in their statement:  Order only comes through pain.  Increasing the military mentality that if only we were hardened enough, if only we were strong enough to “do what must be done,” by punishing the “guilty” (whether what they’re guilty of is a crime or not) who know and understand only pain (very-likely because that’s all they’ve seen their whole lives) and removing the weak we would have an ideal world.  Preaching cruelty, hardness, retribution and suffering over empathy, understanding of Man’s material nature, forgiveness and prosperity.
Winter Soldier does nothing to express these sentiments of Positive Liberty, so is in-effect Right-wing Libertarian but it displays some admirable qualities despite being inaccurate and not worth the hype some are giving it.  Though it by far surpasses the first one, though that’s not saying much asides from how shitty the first one was or rather is. 
It’s interesting that the villain is Hydra, a subsection of The Third Reich still trying to further Totalitarian goals, and yet the Winter Soldier still has the red star of Communism on his arm.  It’s particularly amusing considering what Hydra wants to do is essentially the exact opposite of real Communist ideology despite the surveillance the Soviet and other “Communist” Governments performed on their citizens.  At-least they didn’t make the villains Communists, which was a common theme among comics during the Cold War Era, perhaps with Marvel more-so than DC.  I do enjoy comics but it’s a shame that something capable of intellectual and profound messages (though most comics are pulp) parallels something as mindless as sports in being a somewhat subtle tool of conditioning children for the Right.  There were plenty of Right-wing military dictatorships in the Twentieth Century, but the one with the hammer and sickle, yeesh, you gotta do everything you can to hammer in that they're bad news.

Hopefully X-men: Days of Future Past will be worthy of a more thorough analysis.

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