Wednesday, May 28, 2014

On Citizen Ruth

There isn’t much to say of this film in-regard to intellectual or ideological content.  It seems to mock certain elements of both the pro-life and the pro-choice demographic though it is noticeable that they had to search for or rather express a certain element of the pro-choice movement – the “New Age” Radical Feminist Lesbian demographic – as something to mock when the entire Christian Right is ripe with those who embody the characters they epitomize.  Most Pro-choice Leftists, Centrists or Right-wing Libertarians don’t worship the Moon as a maternal figure – at-least to my knowledge.
The film is fairly decent overall and though not hysterical is a fairly intelligent comedy about a very stupid and base woman.  They create someone who we have no feelings of sympathy for until the end when she begins to become slightly more self-conscious after her child dies.  Though she is utterly contemptible through the entire film a part of me out of gullibility or successful character development still wonders if she will turn her life around and begin life anew in-a-sense. 
The only intellectual point I could see in the movie is theorizing whether it is morally distinguishable to abort a fetus and to do severe and permanent harm to a child one plans on having or bringing to term.  Since a fetus is not a human being, or rather does not deserve the same rights and privileges given to a human being, I see personally no crime in terminating the life of the unborn.  Not only is it not morally reprehensible in-terms of individual rights, in-terms of utility abortion has proven to be a great blessing in terminating life that would be both a burden to society and itself.  Abortion is a great salvation in Capitalist society where many children go uncared for financially as well-as uneducated and dull to varying extents due-to the lack of material, intellectual and emotional support resulting from the lazy or cruel parents that flourish (in number) in the economic and psychological cesspool that religion and commerce foster.
Does that excuse a mother doing drugs during her pregnancy that will harm the child that she intends to bring into this world however?  Absolutely not.  For both on a functionative and individual rights basis to make a child half-witted or physically crippled by altering it in the womb is just-as if not very-likely more due-to the degree of the damage done criminal as depriving your child of a education or future through banning books or forcing him or her to work long hours rather than getting an education.  Also in-terms of functionality, society will pay the financial and sociological burdens of more stupid people incapable of meager tasks let-alone the greatness in soul and task that humanity is capable of if external factors were suited to cultivate that greatness rather than molding children into lobotomized corporate and religious drones whose lives are insults to the potential heights and traits of imagination, reason and compassion distinctive to the human condition.

A woman who damages her fetus should certainly be punished.  But more-so than that the damaged fetus should be aborted and the mother should be disallowed from the right to bring any other potential water-headed children into this world.  Just as drunk drivers deserve some punishment but more-so than anything they immediately should have their licenses confiscated and never returned.  Far too many lazy losers and worthless piles of overweight excrement drive everywhere as it is.  Private transportation should be relegated out of existence and then banned as quickly as possible.  But that’s an entirely different issue.

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