Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I went to a Black Flag concert last night.  It was too loud - to the point that it was nearly impossible to appreciate the music on an aesthetic level and the people enjoying it were simply enjoying the effects that it had on their brains and that it allowed them to shove people and dance badly - but I had an alright time nonetheless.  It gave me some insight that I'll probably post later - to my two-and-a-half readers. 

I gave twenty dollars to a homeless person.  And his total lack of appreciation reminded me of South Park's Night of the Living Homeless - and yes, I correctly guessed the title of that episode which gave empowered my Ego and made me feel quite good about myself.  It's the little things you know?

I wish I talked to more people, but they play music even when bands aren't playing which is something that I'll go more into later.  Most people are just looking for a distraction.  It's sad.  But it also makes me glad to be me.  As noxiously pompous as that sounds.

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