Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It's a rather rejuvenating experience to adopt a new perspective on things, or at the very-least be struck by a new perspective.  The distinction of course being something that brings to mind Aristotle's definition of wisdom, which is to explore ideas in one's mind without immediately holding them as true.  I'm going to be rather succint about this - damn, Blogger really has a small vocabulary (I actually thought that it didn't know the word "vocabulary" for a moment, but then I remembered that it's only my "Rugrats speak" that made me believe that there was a second L between the R and Y.) which is ironic considering how many people are using Google as a thesaurus, dictionary and secondary spell-check - because I don't want to ramble about my own development and changes especially while they're still taking place.  I don't feel that wave of euphoria very vividly anymore, since it's been more than a week since this change took place; but I think and at the very-least hope that this change in perspective will allow me to tackle new works more aggressively and often - as-well as of course give me a source of wisdom I was before alien to, or rather was alien to me.

I start summer school classes in a few weeks and I hope I can maintain the drive to finish these classes with adequate marks.  Motivation and effort have always been problems with me, or at-least since I started High School.

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