Thursday, June 12, 2014

On the Tragic and Irreversible Nature of Existence

Though one’s perception of the past, or rather one’s own past, may be favorable or “optimistic” as some would say, when one reflects on particular moments in life it is often with tinges of disappointment, shame, sadness or vindictive anger at either the injustice and unpleasant traits – or traits perceived – of one’s life.  Memory is necessary for any function of knowledge at-all, but it is a burden in the personal sense.  For even the most “enlightened” of men with a good life and wise reflections will feel petty resentments and feelings of betrayal by life when he reflects on the missteps he made, others made towards him or others (including themselves though he will interpret this as a slight against him as a foul mark of history in his life) and overall life made towards him.  The injustice and error of life is not something that can be easily rationalized and the rationalizations necessary would require serious corruptions of reason – that all suffering is part of some elaborate and immoral divine plan for example – so one is better off forgetting. 
One could claim that one could implement sound reason and a wise perspective on one’s bitterness and petty feelings of unfair treatment and resentment towards destiny’s construction of past circumstance; that all things are necessary for all other things to transpire out of them for example regarding Determinism and we must accept the bad with the good for the bad was a necessary ill for the specific parameters of one’s life.  But this does little in removing the bitterness felt of past follies.  For the passions care little if any towards sound reason as any honest person can attest to, and we humans are creatures whose sentiments are very seldom wholly rational when delved into their foundation for we are primates after-all.  One could say that everything in existence is inevitable (which could be true or false) but this will mean nothing to individuals unless they are searching for a form of solace to begin rationalizing one’s perceptions around for one’s own comfort rather than to obtain knowledge, perspective and “truth” in the broader sense which is the true aim of reason.
It is true that occasionally one will come upon a memory that brings about feelings of warmth, familial proximity or happiness but this is usually and ultimately connected with the state-of-mind one is currently in rather than the memory itself.  Much like feelings of depression often find root in diatribes and monologues of loathing and injustice but these are just the expressions rather than the root causes of sorrow.  However, if one thinks of a particularly shameful or egregious moment to one’s Ego, one will feel indignation, sadness or embarrassment.  This is because human beings do not require happiness and feelings of warmth upon the reflections of fond memories for survival; however, just as a child is less-likely to touch a hot stove once the memory of pain has entered its mind, so the memories of shame or insult to one’s well-being physical or psychological create a psychological buffer to deter us from doing what caused us harm to our bodies or worse our Egos.  The same is of course known for the distinction between bodily pleasures and pain.  Sensual pleasures leave almost the moment the stimulus has abandoned us, but pain throughout both hemispheres throbs throughout many a man, woman, child, and animal’s nerves as torture for the sin of living. 
The injustice of life is something that is so easy to comprehend that for many it happens as an occurrence of instinct rather than deliberate induction.  Therefore we see much of the human populous spending more-time evading life and trying to disassociate the mind from reality rather than to understand it or to change it, both due-to the daunting nature of the task in-terms of effort and from the barriers that are in-place by society (or rather certain elements and groups of it) for any drastic improvement in the suffering of the unfortunate politically, economically and psychologically in-terms of conditioning to be apathetic and consumeristic rather than a “do-gooder” who will be marked a Anarchist or Communist for wishing to bring about justice and universal prosperity and freedom on this Earth.  Though of course with the latter there is often the attempt to utilize the State to bring about peace and freedom when of course the State whether it acts in the interests of Christianity, Capitalism or itself is antithetically opposed to both fundamentally, or rather by its very nature.
Because of the tragic nature of existence people often try to weaken the mind rather than strengthen it which is a main reason why we see alcohol receiving the popularity it does.  It is also a reason why people develop a dislike for intellectuals who are typically brutally honest about life, do not allow people the false comforts of religion or rationalization and mention pains of experience or current events that most would rather either leave forgotten or themselves left ignorant to.  Though of course the anti-intellectual elements of society are also developed by religion, the State and Capitalism in various ways.
Because people spend more time trying to accommodate themselves to the smallest of life’s injustices and harsh conditions rather than attempt to improve conditions, alleviate ills and strengthen traits and aspects of life universally desired in humans these conditions will not only continue but prosper from the dual-conditions of authority (e.g. religions, Capitalism, Governments, families, schools etc) weakening individuality, logic and awareness as well-as the general weakness of humans allowing Governments, corporations, religions etc to strengthen themselves and in the process weakening the human capacity to resist; reducing the amount of freedom, prosperity and critical thinking and increase the scope and degree of the cycle of evil on this planet.
This world is fundamentally evil.  It is not Man who is plagued with Original Sin but this planet and in-all-likelihood this Universe.  Therefore if a God or any creator entity exists it is the source of an ultimate and absolute malevolence to a degree incapable of human comprehension.  Philosophers, those rare sparks in the dark who possess good spirits (asides from the occasional rant and scathing) and sound mind as well-as the desire to pierce through the illusions of our unfortunate phenomenal world and apprehend the truth when most wish to ignore appearance and the truth are almost universally ignored which is another reason why humanity is doomed to repeat senseless atrocity after atrocity and will one day kill itself out of its own apathy and baseness.  Though we won’t be alive to witness the mass-graves of bodies suffocated by clouds of Carbon Monoxide we should exhale a breath of compassion at the sentiment of life on this planet ending if it cannot be lived with dignity.  Perhaps if we – or rather they – are lucky machines will exist that can contemplate existence and enjoy life without the flaws inherent in the living.  This is the only realistic hope I see of anything sustainable in the long-term, or rather anything that would account for more than a few moments in astrological time, coming out of this planet.

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