Monday, June 9, 2014

On the Need for Community Action

Government, Capitalism and religion all play a role in facilitating and maintaining the conditions of apathy, stupidity and poverty the three of which create a trifecta cycle where each one creates and furthers and sustains the conditions and existence of the other two.  Capitalism which its deliberate exploitation of the work force as well-as facilitating apathy and obedience; religion in its anti-intellectualism and creating bland, stupid, psychologically ill people who cling to a tyrannical God that if it did exist would hate them for his own incompetence, as well-as for taking the burden from the average person to do good works and help his fellow man; but this is furthered by Government, not as evil as religion in its anti-intellectualism and dogma but also tyrannical and fascist in its perception of human rights (or the lack of rights in many cases) and that people are beings whose souls and minds must be culled and must be brought into the fold or deemed as heretical and “dealt with.”  Governments tax the individual as well and function like the Church in claiming to help the poor therefore removing the moral need from others to do anything while propping up the hierarchies of Government, religion and Capitalism who all rape the Earth, line their pockets and destroy Man’s soul as a necessity for their abhorrent existence.  Man will never be free until these scourges are spat upon, raped and then burned into the ether of non-existence.
It’s true that throughout human history Man was naturally born ignorant and remained so, but this is certainly not something that was altered from the State, Capitalism or any faith of any denomination.  All of these institutions rely on the forced stupidity, trained obedience and systematically instilled apathy that are in-part natural but cultivated and in-part created by this three-headed Leviathan of authority and mysticism. 
The Anarchist alternative is very-simple.  The institution of Direct Action, organized community and international charity and implementation of reason and freedom into human society so that prosperity and opportunity both of body and mind may follow.  We all have a moral duty that we have shirked.  And the disgusting evils of the worshippers of God and the State only make humanity less human despite all the charity they do to either proselytize, prevent people from raising up and ultimately keeping the status quo the way it is.  We have had thousands of years of chaotic markets, State domination, and “Christian love” all to little or no avail.  Anarchism is the only solution asides from a tyranny of perfect reason and order – a Government of computers or a computerized Technocracy.  And Science Fiction movies have taught me that that doesn’t end well.
Anarchism is not only the solution to the salvation of humanity in a sociological sense, but in a individual and Existential sense – and the two are connected and influence the state of the other just as Governments, Capitalism and religion all work together directly or indirectly to aid the other and damn mankind both in body, spirit and potential.  Without community action and implementing independent co-ops that can break free from this vicious cycle of corrupt charity, dependence on State in action and mysticism and ancient tribal faiths in mind we shall never see the light of universal freedom nor the end of suffering.  True egalitarianism and materialist and determinist logic (and its ramifications ) are the only solution to Man’s ills and Anarchism and Direct Action are the only true representations of people against representation and are the expressions and manifestations of this logic and just as importantly this will.

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