Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I mistook the "reality machine" (which actually is called by its author the experience machine) to be accredited to Dewey when it's a thought experiment created by Robert Nozick.  The funny thing is though I wrote John Dewey I was thinking of the philosopher John Rawls.  Pragmatism is a school of philosophy that's never really interested me.

And yes, I thought of this error before I posted the essay, so I could've corrected it quietly but then I wouldn't be able to make this post which I wanted to do for some reason.  Perhaps to brag that I know who Dewey, Rawls and Nozick are even though I confused two of them in terms of what they've accomplished and two by name.  So I'm implicitly (though it's not too implicit now) bragging that I made a blunder, but it's a blunder only a relatively intelligent and knowledgeable - despite being not too knowledgeable apparently of twentieth-century philosopher's respective achievements which actually is more-or-less true considering that besides Wittgenstein twentieth-century philosophy never appealed to me much - person would make.  So - there.

I know all of you secretly judge me, you silent nonexistent audience that make me doubt myself!  I see you!

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