Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The American Disease

A Republic forged as a defense against tyranny and religion
A sole bastion of individual rights (except for slaves) and liberty
Now setting up Banana Republics as far as the eye can see
The American disease

Coercing you to vote for people who don’t even pretend to indirectly make your decisions
But the fact that most people would vote for Representative Democracy
Shows how weak willed and naïve is humanity.
The State Capitalist disease

People watching Transformers and being transformed into drones
A cultural virus of laziness and prejudiced nationality
Why read the book when the movie adaptation is on TV?
The Anti-Intellectual disease

Ignorant yuppies going to churches built on Native American’s bones
Worshipping a God that cares more about self-abnegation than morality
Killing in the name of God today and centuries later blaming it on the sins of humanity
The Christian disease

Doing what everyone else does just because everyone else does it
Not caring what’s right or wrong or good or smart just giving into the dictates of society
To suffer and perish for being conditioned for apathy is their destiny
The human disease

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