Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Quick Reminder that Violence is Wrong

I recently watched Jason Unruhe’s video about Ferguson.  There was the basic class warfare stuff that I overall agree with, but then he switched to a justification of black men and women assaulting white people’s stores – simply because they were white.  I know I didn’t believe in this type of racialist garbage when I was a Marxist, I don’t believe most Marxists think this way, but if a large portion do it only makes me gladder to have become an Anarchist.  So would it be justified for a woman to assault a man because he has a Y chromosome and therefore is a part of “the Patriarchy?”  Some feminists (the insane Tumblr and Radical Feminist variety) may actually en masse agree with this sentiment, they certainly have not refrained from being hostile to others simply for being men. 
I shouldn’t even have to argue for this type of insanity – so I’m not going to.  Anyone who thinks that Joe Blow from Missouri, Michigan, Massachusetts or anywhere else deserves to be victimized because black people have been (and to a lesser extent still are) victimized is just expressing their collectivist and “victim” mentality.  Where anyone who is oppressed is moral and justified in unjust action for the sole reason they are or were oppressed.  Civil Disobedience shows its superiority to violent revolution because violence begets violence.  A clear example being the justification of petty acts of “revolt” made by Jason who thinks that blacks destroying the property of innocent people is somehow a noble action.
A level of humor is added considering his justification of lax gun policies which result in senseless killings by right-wingers.  But we can’t have harsher gun policies because that might prevent victimized individuals from assaulting or murdering the innocent or this Proletarian Revolution I’m still waiting for.

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