Monday, August 18, 2014

A Provocation for Change.  Or:  A Short Pamphlet on Anarchist Methodology

Breaking Socialist sectarianism and Liberal voting for the Democratic Party we can achieve the breaking of the Repugnocratic (the Two-Party State of Republicans and Democrats) State and to a extent win back our Democracy – to the extent that is allowed in a Capitalist Republic or under any form of Government.  The Liberal view that voting for Democrats is moral simply because it is more immoral or more irrational to vote for Republicans must be addressed and deteriorate if we are to have anything close to Progressive change and anything besides Capitalist rule by Plutocrats in our society.  Socialists of all stripes (e.g. Democratic Socialists, Marxists, and Anarchists) must work with Progressives and even with some moderate Liberals to encourage voting for the Green Party as a blanket for Left-wing change. 
This however only covers changes in voting habits that should take place which is a minuscule amount of what needs to happen to change the political and cultural atmosphere towards a more intelligent, secular, progressive and Anarchist framework.  Breaking the idea of Representative Democracy as virtuous, of having other men and women vote and make executive and legislative choices (which of course involve force and break the Non-Aggression Principle) for the common citizenry must be eroded and made a rarity in society if real freedom and growth for the average human being in any substantive way is going to take place.  Without Civil Disobedience to injustice, injustice will never erode; change does not begin at the voting booth or by corrupt senators and congressman affair – all real change begins with people standing up and resisting oppression.  American history shows this in equal rights for woman, for various races, for the workers seen in the Anarchist and Socialist struggles of the earliest Twentieth Century that gave us the majority of the few “luxuries” that Capitalists hawks and thieves would allow – and of course every year these freedoms of economic security are being pushed back by Capitalists with the help from the Government.
Freedom is never granted or given to any group historically.  It must be taken and upheld using reason but more importantly courage.  Anarchist methodology is twenty percent brains but eighty percent courage.  For it is of course courageous to fight against Capitalism, religion and the Government.  However it is even more courageous and requires a type of confidence and strength that I’m not sure I possess, to not strike back at the Government or any force when they strike at me systematically (rather than immediately which I’ll get to).  Not killing those who deserve death to retain the moral high ground and our own dignity seems an essential in Anarchist Pacifism.  Violence begets violence, so we shall not be likely to attain any ideal situation using force primarily.  I must make this clear.  It is completely within the framework of just and right action to retaliate in self defense.  If a cop is shooting innocent people – that cop not only deserves death (which is obvious) it is rational for anyone to execute the cop on the spot; when to kill the same cop later be to invite the defenders of the State and Status Quo to demonize the cause for freedom and justice by equating it with wanton violence and looting as the Right-wing in this country often does.
Civil Disobedience and Political Activism is the most essential thing for the health of a society against class, religion and State; without it, we sacrifice the world to pedagogues (demagogues?) and terrorism.  To the state of States, commerce and gods – or force and ignorance to simplify – and the new group of despots who replace the old either democratically or via violent means.

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