Sunday, October 12, 2014

A quick reminder that all stars have their dark spots.

Because I just finished an essay where Schopenhauer and Nietzsche were my main philosophical inspirations, I did a Reddit search on both and was reminded of their failings.  Schopenhauer seems to be the intellectual weight of a lot of misogynistic redditers (and this is coming from someone who doesn't consider himself a Feminist both because of its exclusionary nature, and because it seems to be too behaviorist among other reasons such as the Feminist tendency to either go berserk over nothing or be against basic freedoms like right to have pornography and presumed innocence - at-least in the eyes of the law - until proven guilty) and both are used as material for the more intellectual demographic of the Right - yes it actually exists.

What both Schopenhauer and Nietzsche are ignorant of is that the State (as well as belief in God and commerce) creates the conditions where most are ignoramuses and arguably require the laws and strict punishment and authority both are in-favor of - though for Nietzsche it's a tad complicated reconciling his proto-Fascist views with his Individualism.  Conservatives have a psychological tendency to believe in punishment over rehabilitation and social improvement (though Nietzsche acknowledges that punishment often does not improve the condemned but oft makes him or her worse - seen in the behavior of non-violent offenders turned hardened criminals in our C.J. system) and hierarchy and controls based on Meritocracy over Communalization, Mutual Aid and general unlimited freedom for all.  What they fail to comprehend is that these social factors create the ignorance and poverty in intelligence and character that they're constantly condemning.  Every individual needs to be in-charge not only of their own lives but of society to some small extent.  Otherwise not only will their interests be seldom addressed (seen both in Capitalism as well as State Socialism) but their minds and psychologies will devolve into Hedonism and apathy because they have no concern to be involved in the world and its inter-workings on multiple levels which is both every humans fundamental freedom and responsibility for living in a ideal and livable world.

It goes without saying the brilliance and significance of both, but their failings should be paid detail to and understood just as much as their successes.  Many Anarchist thinkers have stated many of the points both do without receding into either intellectual snobbery (in the case of Schopenhauer among his other faults) or ethical Nihilism and proto-Fascism (in the case of Nietzsche).

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