Friday, November 14, 2014

A Brief Expierience of Rage

On the Stupidity of Islamic Apologists:  A brief analysis

Rula Jebreal epitomizes (along with others such as Cenk Uyger who continually mentions the KKK and the Nazis and identifies as an “agnostic.”  Because to say that God very-likely doesn’t exist is too much of a rational statement) the “Liberal” (or populist) notion that to be against any religion and the violence that it perpetuates is bigotry.  She says that Maher shouldn’t be allowed (or encouraged) to speak in a monologue (which she thinks is such an awful thing; and yet what is a Muslim man doing every mass – or whatever you call a Muslim service – Rula?  Huh?  Also, could a woman hold that religious service?  Something tells me no.  Feminists love to bitch about First-world Problems, but they never criticize the actual causes of their evil non-existent Patriarchy.  Because, well, that would involve having a single iota of efficacy towards anything beneficial on this planet.) on something that has nothing to do with Muslims or Islam.  It’s a fucking graduation ceremony – not a Richard Dawkins seminar.  Does having a supposedly (though it in no way is, though let’s assume for argument’s sake it is) bigoted opinion remove you from all public influence in any positive regard?  Henry Ford was a raging Anti-Semite who spent money publishing books (or pamphlets) about Jews ruling over International Finance.  A crazed conspiracy theory, but does that remove the influence he had on the automobile industry and on the world in-general?  Liberals really are (just as Conservatives are) petty-authoritarian, force-enthusiasts; Maher is actually incredibly great on depicting this, and is in this regard more of a Left-wing Libertarian, though as a Hollywood Centrist (at times seems to be Centre-Left) he still needs to grow up about Capitalism and Government, among other things.
But moving on:  What’s the real problem on this planet?  That a Atheist comedian reads statistics about Islamic violence and makes jokes about people stupid enough to believe in garbage, or the actual idiocy and violence in the world?  To this “secular Muslim” (which is a contradiction in-terms) it seems to be the former.  Also the stupid cunt assumes Bill Maher doesn’t know anything about various forms of Islam (she actually accuses him of it) but doesn’t even give him the chance to answer a question about differing types of Islam which would be acceptable though a little pompous and actually is not a valid form of criticism of Maher.  Even if Maher didn’t know thing-one about the differences between Sunni, Shia and so on, the statistics he read are still accurate (or at-least don’t hinge on a understanding of various denominations of an overall stupid faith), Islam is still overall violent and conducive to ignorance and all religions in-general are dumb, Islam just is more violent right now – if not overall based on its tenants, which Sam Harris says explicitly though Maher doesn’t to my knowledge.
And having a time limit means something isn’t a debate?  Even though you were given more time than you should’ve to ramble about your stupid fucking views?  Even though you were allowed to insult Maher for his treatment of Islam (which is based on facts – and it would have been far-more accurate for Maher to call her “bigoted” evidently the worst thing you can call claim someone is, because of what her book says about infidels – once again, if she really believed in her faith rather than merely believing in belief for psychological and social reasons) while he was far-more polite to your moronic, repetitive-self than I ever would of.  Maher politely says after this stupid cunt ramble for however-long “I have to move on” and she idiotically says in a passive-aggressive fashion “I’m glad you think it’s time to move on” when frankly I would have said, “What the fuck are you talking about?  I’m a bigot for saying that people who believe that apostasy is a crime are fucking morons?  Or religion in general is practiced by morons?  Who’s the prejudiced one?  The one who believes that non-believers are going to Hell or any other backwards view – involving actual violence against them as is going on this instant – or the one who has the intellectual integrity and two brain cells to rub together that all of this bullshit is stupid, holds us back as a species and is best not believed in.  Now shut the fuck up.  I let you – I probably wouldn’t have but I’m just giving a closure assuming the conversation up to that point would have gone as it did – ramble long enough.”  I would’ve wanted to say, “You dumb cow,” because honestly this type of garbage is one of the most either stupid or intellectually dishonest (very-likely a synthesis of both) arguments I’ve ever heard.  Tantamount to the argument (that being a Muslim I’m guessing she can see the logical flaws in) that those who are against not even the State of Israel but a particular grouping or list of actions it commits are Anti-Semites through protest or lack of support for state-enacted murder and confinement.
I was going to do a more in-depth analysis of the three hour conversation ‘tween Uyger and Harris, but it treads over roughly the same territory, though as I’ve mentioned earlier, in a way Uyger is even more irrational by bringing Buddhist Terrorists (which are in what proportion to the Islamic terrorists again?) and the political struggle between Catholics and Protestants.  I’ll quickly say I love Harris’ point that Uyger didn’t complain that Harris gave a buy to Islam in-regards to stem-cell research, though whenever Harris rightly showed where Islam is worse Uyger would say he’s being intolerant by saying that the religion is “irredeemably.”  Cenk, all religion is irredeemable – because it isn’t true.  Islam is just the most, because with its call to violence it is the worst.
To summarize, I am so glad that Rula was met with the criticism she was, I wish it was more sharp and bordering on the hostile, because stupidity at-times needs to be met with hostility.  You can’t reason with the God Hates Fags group, or those who think that condemnation of religion (or the religious) is more of an issue than religious violence.  Also, these “secular Muslims” are not really Muslims.  Just as most “Christians” believe in belief, or faith, or God as an abstract and thankfully not the actual God of the Bible or Koran.  Religion is dying and it’s something that should be celebrated for its effects on us intellectually, socially, psychologically and existentially.  Human beings will never be truly free until there are museums where people can go to where they snicker at the virgin birth and Noah’s Ark they way they do about Zeus and Nordic Mythology.

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