Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Quick Note

A quick note on people confusing criticizing or wishing to remove a ideology or system with what they represent for themselves.  In essence the thing-in-itself and the "sacred."  Or what good they find in that thing whether it is present or not.  And even if it is present, one can of course have the good without it.  Charity and compassion without religion - without dogma, Hell, or unverified claims.  Trade of ambitious and easy-going individuals without Capitalism - without money becoming something that is pursued for its own end and Capitalists controlling the workers and paying them an unjust meager wage.  And civility and justice without Government - without violation of the Non-Aggression and hierarchy deeming obedience to the law (even a unjust law) to be the good first-and-foremost rather than preserving and enhancing the freedom, health and opportunity for mental, physical and moral greatness for all individuals.

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