Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mantra of the Hedonist

I don't give a damn son.

I'm just livin' to have fun,

And when my life is done,

What'll be different in this world will be none.

I was born in sin.

Heard it 'gain and 'gain.

Raised to believe in my kin.

But that jave ain't nothin' but some bad din.

I don't find much solace either in the secular.

Systems of logic that are spectacular,

Using erudite vernacular.

Instead I'm fixated on my fix,

Making this vivid world less lackluster.

So you see my life has no meaning,

People who say otherwise are teasing.

Forget your high-falutin reasoning.

When the world is in-flames,

You'll find me smoking.

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