Wednesday, November 5, 2014

On Religiosity, Rudeness and More

 Before I begin this, I should begin by saying that by all means are not all religious people rude, or even that there is a common trend between the religious and mean-spiritedness.  But it should be documented (and is known by most who are of sharp mind and all who have been open with the truth that religion is a social-harm on this Earth) that there is indeed a type of insecure and fragile Christian (and Muslim, Jew etc) who is so zealous and fanatical in their beliefs that they view all who differ on their views as deserving of condemnation and disrespect.  This is far-more common with the old than the young (partially because the old are more religious, partially because the young are less religious and those who are incredibly religious and young typically don’t wish to offend their social group while there is little chance of harming one’s social relations if an elderly man or woman is hateful or mean-spirited particularly towards a young person he or she doesn’t know) but I have experienced it (as most Atheists I’d assume) with my peers as well.
It is of course a trait of weakness and stupidity, as all rudeness is, but in the religious even more-so (when it results from their beliefs) because it is a sign of their psychological fragility, their lack of open-mindedness, their bigotry and a contradiction to the teachings (or certainly the general attitude) of Jesus of Nazareth or any other religious model who preaches empathy and love for others – which is of course often contradicted by the religious figure himself, but the very nature of religion is to be full of the intellectually untenable and the contradictory.
Rudeness always takes its sharpest form in religion, which is merely another reason why it is essentially the worst thing on the planet.  It has such a vitriolic quality due-to the absolute nature of its preaching; not only this, but it often creates a mentality (or supports the mentality; very-likely a synthesis of the two) a paranoia where one’s religion is “under-attack” and one is persecuted in an open society (which fails to be open to the extent that it is religious) simply for believing in mind-rotting garbage practiced by the common man.  What Christians are essentially complaining about is the sheer existence of plurality and a lack of soul-less homogeny in society.  You see this when the Christian complains about gay marriage or abortion.  The very existence of free thought and independent action is deemed an affront to their all-encompassing faith.  This makes it clear the allusions one can draw between the religious psychology and totalitarian dictatorships where not only freedom of expression but very being of subversivenss is outlawed – depicted masterfully in 1984 which I recommend you read if you have not for the obvious allusion. 
What has been a greater force for censor, ignorance and wickedness in the world if not religion?  Capitalism is a great evil in the world, yes, as is Government, clearly, but none can amount the extents of perversion of the human mind and character than as seen in the religious frenzy of a disturbed believer whose ideology is bedrock to not only their psychological connection with reality but their connections with all-others.  In its worst which presents itself in violence and complete obliteration of commonly (common only through centuries of struggle costing in degradation and murder of millions of secularists, progressives, atheists, socialists and anarchists among many other kind and enlightened souls) held notions of right-and-wrong and cause-and-effect – the nitwits who prayed for rain rather than believe in and legislate according to the findings of Climate Change for example.  With Capitalism and Governments, evil men must hide their crimes; with faith in God, the evil deeds and sins of our word are committed by the believer directly – not only this, but it functions as a justifier for Government and unjust commerce.  Force and defamation of dignity and potential, to be terse. 
No rebellion that is meaningful is possible without first overthrowing that ultimate source of shame, wickedness and stupidity.  Though Capitalism is what will destroy the world, the essence of religion is what makes human beings stupid, weak and servile enough to allow the species collective murder, have the quality of life be abominable while we live (by promoting the evil notion of servitude in a mass-murdering and vicious God – or any God for that matter) and to rape the mind and soul of Man so he not only lingers in atrocious conditions but hasn’t the slightest notion of the obvious things he must do to change his lot in life and free his brothers – not only this, but he will run head-long into the chains, kiss his master’s feet and claim that the main sin of the world is that others are not as stupid or worthless as he.

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