Monday, November 3, 2014

Random Bitching to the Void

The University I go to is too fucking hoity-toity to have twelve oz cans of soda.  I usually would never have one anyhow due-to HFCS but today I was desperate.  Nothing in the vending machine under a buck-fifty.  What horseshit.  I feel violated.

I've been low on food the last few days.  Thankfully I'll actually be able to go shopping today.  I usually wouldn't buy Pepsi, but today I feel like doing something just because I know I shouldn't.  That's a very odd impulse in our psychology, I wonder how and why it manifests itself - or rather what manifests it.

I might try writing fiction again.  I've been getting more ideas for stories and writing essays is starting to feel more-or-less routine.  I hope it hasn't run its course - and I frankly doubt it has - for it's one of the few things I consistently do that I always enjoy and derive a great sense of virtue and meaning from.

I've been at the college for more-than six hours and I haven't done any classwork.  Maybe I will soon - probably not.

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