Thursday, January 1, 2015

Awe of the Absolute

We are truly only infinitesimal specks in this sea of nothingness.  It is impossible for the human mind to fully comprehend it seems how small and momentary our lives are; how insignificant we are to the Universe.  Not only our individual lives, but the entire existence of our species is a momentary passing on this dot that is less than a pixel on a computer screen in-relation to even a large Red Giant, let-alone our galaxy or the Universe. 

I'm at a McDonald's and Waterloo by ABBA is playing.  Everything seems so fluid and mundane, yet there's something beautiful in the human appreciation of this, and compassion for others and acceptance of their faults tends to be a natural result - perhaps this is why many Atheists are more kind than many Conservative Christians despite many of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.  Though it largely has other psychological variables involved as well of course.

Kierkegaard talks about anxiety in the face of the Absolute.  I personally have never experienced this sensation.  Anxiety surely, and over the most petty and trivial thing(s).  But overall I have only felt awe, euphoria, serenity and gratitude for every moment of my fragmented and momentary life.  We human beings have done so much with what we've been given; art, music, technology, love, philosophy, science, architecture and so much more.  We've also done so much harm, and we will likely destroy ourselves, but instead of hating humanity for its worst factors I would rather learn to love despite this fate we will all share.  In the face of oblivion we are merely fellow travelers and we should always be willing to give a comrade of humanity a hand, a hug, a connection of kind words.

I hope all of you find what you are looking for in this life we share.  I wish you all joy and growth in this year and all that follow.  But please, do what you can to spread kindness and creativity among those around you.  We are all recepients of so much we did nothing to receive.  Both of the blessings of Nature and our fellow Man.  And please take care of yourselves - and your fellow travelers.

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