Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Don't Worry Folks the Monotony Continues!

Because you're all clearly fascinated with my personal life I thought I'd inform you ("inform you" that's code for brag about my video game achievements mostly) of what I've been up to the past week:

First off, obligatory bitching about country music at the campus I'm at.  They try to mix it up (mostly 'tween country, pop, and classic rock) which I give them a small amount of credit for, but I notice they'll never play punk or almost never metal.  Punk is apparently too edgy and controversial (with its politics and open mockery of religion and other social mores) but they can play country music talking about rugged 'Merican men who love fictitious deities, drink nothing but Mountain Dew, apple pie and whiskey (because anything with fruit in it is for faggots) and fucking ignorant, you-got-a-perty-mouth country girls.  So obligatory reference of just one reason America sucks.  Now to the faux-meat of this essay.

It took me six days to beat the NES compilation I downloaded for thirty smackaroons.  I played it often, and it did give me a fair amount of challenge.  I received three stars for all challenges besides the last Bonus Stage which I can only get two stars on - damn you Dream Master, or whatever your cliched name is. 

I also beat Mega Man IV in the last hour.  I did almost entirely without help (which is the only honest way to beat a video game) beat the game, but then I couldn't seem to beat what I thought was the final boss but what was actually was the second-to-final boss.  I looked it up online and it seemed you could beat Wily by jumping and shooting a drill at a crystal - which I tried.  I tried it again, but for whatever reason I could never seem to jump high enough. So I took the Rush Spring, leaped into the air, and while in mid-air switched to the drill to hit the mark.  The final boss was incredibly easy and didn't require more-than I'd say three tries.  But honestly I just wanted to finish the game quickly and be done with it after I couldn't beat the game the way I originally thought (and saw other people do so) I could and had to develop a hackneyed method of doing so.

You've read (I'm sure) the essays I wrote, I'm thinking about writing an Artificial Intelligence essay among others, I'm also attempting (most-likely in futility) to get my sleep schedule back on track, and I drank a bottle of blackberry wine in one night.  My birthday is six days from now so you could say I'm preparing my liver for the assault on entitled B-Day.  I actually probably won't being doing any drinking, but I thought it was a funny joke.

My future biographers may thank me for making it so convenient to catalog the personal aspects of my life.

Until I pollute the multi-billion mega-byte cloud that is the internet once more.  And fuck country music.

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