Saturday, March 21, 2015

Where I am now

I'm done with the first draft of my paper.  Thirty-three pages.  But I have to put in the citations for my last segment, so it'll likely be thirty-four.  I've just been enjoying these last few days, not doing anything in particular at-all. 

The last three days have been kind of like a bizarre party-of-one for me, and I'm exhausted in a way that's hard to describe.  Not physically or mentally, but something psychological in me just wants to do a whole lot of nothin' (a different kind of nothing) for a while.  I think it's my "recovery" mechanism kicking in, preventing me from going off the rails.  Either that or its just my mind seeing the futility in my endeavors.  Well what the fuck d'ya know. 

I actually spelt "endeavor" correctly on my first go (no "u").  Well all-right.  I think that's a sign to wrap it up right here.  Take a advice from my neurotic friend Mr. Constanza and leave abruptly on a high note.

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