Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A nice big island, with a nice big drink, and a girl with nice big bags of ice for my aching head.

I have beaten Crash Bandicoot.  I can now officially, finally, say this.  I only used a save state on Slippery Climb, reloading the checkpoint a few times.  I feel this is warranted, for I plated the entirety of Crash Warped and most of Crash (from Papu Papu to Cortex) in one day. 

I love Crash, but now it's time to move on to other games.  I'll probably get the racing Crash games if I get a PS2, which I've been considering doing after Christmas.  I'm sure all of this information intrigues you deeply.

I was going to go in-depth about the Herculean trials I went through to finally get the game finished, but I'm not in the state of mind to tell such a tale in a way that would be worthy of reading.  I'll just say regardless of how hard Gex is, I won't have nearly as much satisfaction beating it.

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