Monday, June 22, 2015

Too much Hume to Consume

Hey gang, made great progress on my Hume essay Saturday. Because I decided I'll have to research him more on the topic of free will, I definitely won't have it done by Tuesday.  If I feel like I have something worth posting I'll put up what I have in the next few days, but I'll probably wait 'til I'm done with my first draft - which will likely be sometime this week.  Sorry for the delays, but remember it's all as result of material necessity!  The material needed to examine and critique and the green material needed to take my voyage to India.

Speaking of which.  I know hardly anyone routinely reads these, but I do work hard on these essays, and if any of you enjoy them, I would appreciate it if in any way you could help me with this great academic opportunity I've been presented. Pretty much my entire family is frowning on it, and I know I'll have to take out loans ultimately to go - but that's just how it goes.  I'm not letting anyone's "buts..." and "whys..." get in the way of my future.

A few posts back I linked to a go fund me page, but here it is again:  Philosophy Dissertation & Excursion by Jacob Hoppman - GoFundMe

Thank you. 

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