Thursday, June 25, 2015


I’m finally finishing up the Hume essay.  I still need to read portions of two of his works for his bits of Compatibilism.  Then there’ll be hopefully a brief editing and revising period and I’ll let you folks and fools take a gander.  This is the second “academic” essay I’ve written and it’s far more time consuming and exhausting than my typical form of writing (i.e. bullshitting).
I might just focus on leisure reading and writing for a time.  There’s some Buddhist books I want to read.  And there are many small essays I’ve had on the back-burners for a while but frankly none of them interest me much.  I’ll probably finish my Hume essay, take a break, then start on the Mill one.  Because all-though I want to take a break, and I have a Math class coming up very soon that I’ll have to wake up at an ungodly (shouldn’t that mean it’s a good thing?) hour for, my nature prohibits me from taking a break for any substantial period of time.  I’m like House, Dexter or Monk, only with Philosophy.  Gotta have my fix.

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