Thursday, June 4, 2015

Yet Another Update to a Blog that Lately Seems to be Nothing But

I have now beaten all six NES Megaman games.  The first and last were fairly hard (there is no limits to the suffering that Woodman will inflict upon the world as long as Megaman VI exists) but all the ones in-between (particularly two and three) were very easy.  Overall it’s a solid series and one of the main staples of the eight-bit era.  I haven’t beaten Megaman 8 yet (which I played on the PS One growing up) though it’s the next on my list since I’ve decided I don’t care about Gex enough to beat that series.  In other news, I’ve started my two-part Utilitarian essay, and plan on having the skeleton of it fleshed out in the next two weeks.

When did this blog become me bragging about the video games I’ve beaten and telling four or five people what I am or will be potentially working on in lieu of actually posting essays?  I don’t know, but though I want it to be an academic paper, I will show you guys the rough drafts of my next essays because that’s just the type of maximizing-utility son-ova-bitch that I am.

P.S.  I highly recommend the movie The East.  An Anti-Capitalist film that along the lines of Logan’s Run and Fahrenheit 451 has the main character believe the moral rightness of the society she lives in (except instead of being a dystopian future, what she embodies is our current bourgeois Christian Capitalist society) but slowly  becomes disillusioned.  I’m not going to go into detail, partly because it’s a film I may write an analysis of someday, but I will say I have mixed feelings about the ending and asides from that it’s a perfect film for what it sets out to do.

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