Friday, July 24, 2015

A Quick Piece on Real-life Superheroes

I just re-watched a documentary called ‘superheroes in real life.’  What I found the most striking in it is the innate sense of justice and virtue these people had, and how they felt unable to express in it our current bourgeois Capitalist society except to be condemned as a freak.  Many of them explicitly expressed the left-wing and anti-authoritarian views Social Anarchists do.  I thought most of them were bold and courageous people with varying degrees of psychological issues and ego complexes – I’m looking at you Master Legend.  But in general I admired and felt sympathy for these brave and noble souls; these men and women who have some form of greatness of them but are unable to express it in our world of apathy, corruption and profit.  These are people who are legitimately motivated and acting towards making a difference in the world, and being a “force for good” that is perhaps the utmost epitome of what it means to be a “superhero.”  To care and sacrifice for others without desire for any compensation.

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