Saturday, July 18, 2015

Philosophy is a Blessing of Strength in a World of Weakness

Philosophy is the respite of the disenfranchised. Like all "internal" endeavors, it only requires the outer world to the extent it requires certain material conditions to have the intelligence and resources to work on it.  Philosophy is for those noble souls who have rejected reality.  They still want to explore and discover, let me make that clear.  But philosophy is the intellectualization of reality, not reality itself.  It is studying the world - not being in it.  This however is radically different than the Christian.  The Christian not only escapes reality, but a coherent understanding  and awareness of it.  And of course, most Christians today it could be claimed love Mammon more than their god, but that's another point entirely.

Essentially, philosophy is for those who have embraced either Schopenhauer's Denial of the Will or the Cynic-Stoics rejection of social convention through embracing virtue.  It is for those whose Libido is directed inwards, and care more about the study of things than the implementing of them.  That is where the Philosopher would become either the Social Activist (in-regards to ethics) or the social planner (in regards to implementing the findings of science into society, such as implementing solar panels and the like).

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