Saturday, August 29, 2015

Defintely worth the aggravation, nightmares and now needed therapy se

I just beat Donkey Kong Country.  And I can say without a degree of doubt that it is the hardest platformer I've played 2D or 3D.  Really enjoyable; while I was playing it it felt like there were some parts that were a bit cheap, but on reflection, I think really only the the first mine cart level should be fixed.  It's fairly early on for such a hard level, and I remember having to get a jump down to the micro-second, also when I got it right I wasn't entirely sure what I did differently.

Have no interest in playing the other two.  Only played this one because my second cousin had it and I played it maybe a total of two times (yet the childhood frustration still is something I can recall - mine cart level in particular) because I've never been close with his side of the family.  Still nice to beat though.  I did the Wii version on my 3DS about a year ago and it was much easier than this.

I realized a bit ago that the two games I haven't beat yet are Rayman and Croc. But I deleted my PS One emulator and want to take a long break from retro games.  I'll probably get back to it with Gex 3 if I don't buy an Xbox and focus on early 00's games.  If I play anything it'll be Mega Man 7 passingly.

Also, I'll have something about short Epicurus and Stoic texts I'm reading relatively soon.  I'm taking a break from the paper writing because the ideas I wanted to work on I was jazzed about months ago and I want to do something else before I return to them if I do at-all.

Stay cool.

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