Wednesday, August 5, 2015

If I had a life I'd be glad to get back to it

I just beat Gex.  A game that was seemingly impossible growing up.  It's satisfying when you get the skills to do something that seemed impossible in the past.  I've beaten all (yes, all) of the games of my childhood now.

The only video games I really want to try now is Gex 3 and maybe Mega Man 7.  Gex 2 was fairly easy but took me a while to beat because I kept dropping it and getting back to it.  Overall Gex was a fairly difficult game (especially the final levels) and one of the most creative and unique platformer games I've played; I may even go on the record and say the most.

I really would like to play Crash Twinsanity, but that's for the PS2 and Xbox, and I'm not sure how easily I can emulate games for those consoles especially with my piece of shit laptop.

I feel under-whelmed having just beat the last game on my childhood gaming list.  Oh well, there's always Frogger.

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