Monday, August 24, 2015

Pointless Update #9043

Hey guys, I wrote a paper on Anti-Natalism a few days ago.  I'd post it but I already sent it in to a few conferences and I want to wait before I let the entire globe see it.  I also wrote another semi-academic paper about materialism and defining human beings as something else (because though the term "material being" is true it doesn't distinguish people from anything or get to the heart of human beings) but I want to wait a little while before posting that one too.  Sorry.  That one I'll probably post pretty soon though.

I had the idea tonight that Rousseau's conception of things seems very-much like a Cynic.  And I already drew allusions to the Cynics and Social Anarchists, and the allusions to Rousseau and the S.A. (especially the Primitivists) is obvious so I thought I'd write a paper arguing that Rousseau, S.A.s (particularly Bakunin) and Marx are in their own ways grounded in Cynicism.  Now, that isn't to say that they are Cynics, but I do find the similarities uncanny.  I google searched it and from a rudimentary inspection discovered it wasn't a novel idea - but then again what is these days?

I'll probably still write it, because some of the connections I had I hadn't found with the quick look I did, but it probably will only be half-academic if at-all, so it'll probably be one I'll send your way.

Take care, and don't eat the yellow snow.

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