Thursday, September 17, 2015

Chinese food and Nintendo

I love life.  Yes it sucks, but that doesn't mean there isn't tremendous beauty and greatness capable in life.  I would much rather be someone who feels all the summits and precipices of life than some common dull soul who lives life as a automaton.  And not matter how egotistical it sounds, I wouldn't rather be anyone else but me, and I wouldn't want to live life as anyone but me.  I'm born as I am, faults and all, and I live my life authentically and comprehensively feasting on the whole course of life while most people are feasting on the croutons leaving the restaurant before they even get to the good stuff.

Not much else.  Just in love with existence and appreciating this life, whether or not it's better to never have been born. 

Might have some goodies around the corner.  So next time I honk my horn get in my van.

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