Monday, September 28, 2015

Is Humanity a Giant Game of Peek-a-Boo?

Might have a larger paper on the way shortly; but as for now I'll give you something quick that I think I may have stated in another essay and I'm fairly certain is implicit in some of my previous works (sure, let's call them works):

I think the notion that irritates and frustrates me the most, the notion that gives me the greatest sense of moral outrage is ignorance is bliss.  It's essentially the notion that if you're unaware of something it cannot hurt you - a notion that most individuals lose by I believe the age of three or four but as a species we've retained to a astonishing degree.

It's tragic and horrific for various reasons, the main I think being that it betrays and completely mutilates the notion of virtue ethics where there is great value and even joy in knowing what's going on in the world - and through our knowledge the ability to fix the problem.

If I have a shotgun held to your head, and tell you that in several moments I'll execute you; but, if you'd like I can rewind this scenario and hold the shotgun behind your head and blow it off before you're any the wiser would you choose the latter?  Would it make much of a difference?  The idea of ignorance being bliss is the sickly concept that it's far better, to be executed without knowing than to understand and accept one's fate.  Not only that, but if you see me with the shotgun you can do something about it. You can't do jack shit if you don't know the shotgun's there.

Overall I think this might be one of the major problems in the human condition.  I won't say this definitively, it's just a feeling I have right now.  I need to reflect on it some more.  And you see, by being aware of the human condition, and endeavoring to know more about it, I can make decisions that I can or cannot base my life on.  I can know something, potentially be wise, and live a fruitful and meaningful life that's full of at-least the illusion of alternatives and informed choices, when a life of ignorance is a narrow one that not only lead's to bad decisions that inflict pain on the self and others, but disallows us from correcting horrendous mistakes and problems by making us unaware that they are there.

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