Wednesday, September 23, 2015

On Self Pleasure, Egoism, and Rebuilding the World We Had as Children

The stigma in society towards masturbation reflects the egoism of society and the majority of human’s capacity to behave unethically towards their fellow human beings if it favors procreation.  In society, despite the waning of religion’s influence, there is still a sense of shamefulness attributed to masturbation.  It is deemed a “last resort” of the socially inept when in all honestly it not only is a far-more reliable form of pleasure, but I find it to be more pleasurable once the egotistical gratification of sex is removed.
 Ignoring the aspect of pleasure from sex, reinforcing the Ego and the notion of sentimental bonds between lovers are the main psychological reinforcers of sex.  If anything, focus on sexual activity diminishes one’s appreciation and understanding of a partner or any human being as a human being.   Instead, they are seen as a commodity to be purchased through so much labor invested in something.  Or at-least this trial of “putting up” with what women want is the sacrifice men must go through to procure sex.   Obviously these difficulties exist seldom for most women.   Seeing that the romantic element of sex is not only invalid but not as common a motivator as stimulating the Ego, I will be focusing on this in my analysis of sex and societies perception towards self-pleasuring.
When one has sex, it is deemed a conquest, a triumph, something to gloat and bolster and brag about with one’s fellows.  It is a reinforcement of the Will to Life that Schopenhauer speaks of.  Or rather, it is a necessary psychological component that assures the reproduction of the species once pure lust fails.  I would posit that pure lust is hardly ever the reason why people enter into sexual communion.  Lust is combined with psychological longing for acceptance and feeling of validity and importance.  People crave to be wanted in the most primal and absolute way.  Sexual union is a façade of being accepted in this “absolute” way for many if not most people.  It is a façade because one can never truly know a person’s motives for sex with another individual, and also that person is having sex largely to be deemed wanted just as the other individual is.  Both are in-a-sense in their own separate Universes, both in ecastasy over the false proposition that someone has peered into their own realm and deemed it hospitable and pleasant. 
This is in a way much like a market transaction though the pretension is far-more superficial and easy to see through, largely because it doesn’t play into a fundamental psychological impulse the way the illusion of love does.   What I speak of is in today’s society there is much false kindness and repeated phrases of warmth and courtesy that is seldom meant by the individuals – and all for profits for the capitalist.  We all know (especially when the employee is told idiotically to repeat the same phrase ad infinitum) that most of the people who smile and feign some level of interest or generosity are being insincere, but it still has some effect on people because though we know it lacks authenticity our Ego’s are stroked through one person acting in a way that makes us feel valued and cherished in another’s eye.
This largely is likely due-to the sharp contrast between the environment of the child’s home and the world in which the adult lives in.  The child is (if he or she is fortunate at-least in some ways) loved and taken care of by the parents.  Not only is he assured material resource for his development, but more importantly he is given the impression that his life is of consequence to other human beings.  He matters to someone else, which usually is enough for most people to not experience the notion that we live in a Universe devoid of concern or sympathy for human life.  Not only the child is loved and nurtured in the home, but in school by the teacher and by members of the community to a lesser degree as well.  This concept of the material nature of the child, that the child must be raised and loved for its intellectual and moral development is something of obvious existence in our society, and yet as we grow older bourgeois society tells us we are “radically free” and that instead of being loved we should endeavor to be highly-esteemed in a hierchical fashion – a component of which is being desirable over others leading me back to my original point.
Instead of being part of a family that is interdependent, the health of one being essential for the health and happiness of the other, we are told we must be part of a free-market capitalist system that glorifies selfishness, Egoism and self-reliance (at-least for the working class; obviously the capitalist is reliant on them for their profits, but yet he is glorified as the self-made man).  Instead of being a being that has a material nature that must be respected and deemed the author of one’s actions, one is deemed to be “responsible” for one’s action simply because one is older and is in theory capable of higher levels of reasoning and self-regulation!  But if this were the case, if one could reason highly, one would.  If one can typically but didn’t at a certain given time than at that moment he was as he was and couldn’t have been otherwise.  This fundamental truth is perhaps one of the most important facts of all reality.  If people truly applied it across the board than almost all social problems (combined with modern empirical data – though it has great utility on its own) would vanish given merely time.  An adult is merely the child as grown man or woman.  There is no magical transformation from social-material creature into independent-autonomous creature.  Political autonomy in the form of Civic Libertarianism can exist, but this is only what a man says or thinks in terms of abstract ability, it has very-little if anything to do with practical or actual ability and capacity.  That is, the distinction between Negative Liberty and Positive Liberty, or between theoretical potentiality and demonstrated and applied actuality.
Though physical masturbation is deemed “pathetic” and shameful, psychological masturbation is glorified and is a keystone of the human psyche.  Donald Trump (who I feel I shouldn’t plague this essay with the mentioning of) and his celebrity is a key example of this.  What other species throughout all existence has more hubris or Ego than that of Man?  Believing at one point to be the center of all existence, to be made in the Creator’s image, to be able to do whatever benefits him or her and do as he or she sees fit regardless of the consequences or aims of other human beings or the consequences of other non-human life.  Yet when we are savaged, when injustice falls upon us we cry and squeal of for the wrong to be righted, for the existence of a categorical imperative or universal maxim that should apply to all – and that no one is spared from the dictates of morality!  What a laughable farce are our lives and conceptions!  It almost seems at times we are the play things of a malevolent deity, who loves to give people hope and bury it, and licks his lips giving human beings at-least some degree of moral knowledge, yet doesn’t give most the proper biological and psychological motivators (that is such motivators are buried over stronger more egotistical ones) to perform what he or she knows in their hearts (for most, some really have lost the way and are fundamentally unethical psychologically) is correct.  I posit that many throughout every epoch throughout human history, on some level knew the horrors they committed were wrong, though they stated the rationales for moral and physical atrocity and for many on some level believed them.  This is why many Nazi officers who ran death camps became alcoholics and developed severe psychological problems.  Though not likely all but almost definitely some of the moral truths of our reality are imprinted on the genes of Man.  When we betray what we know to be our higher nature we suffer and degenerate into a lower state.  Many who owned slaves I’m sure did state that slavery is deemed permissible in the Bible, and some may have referred to the pseudo-science of their day; but I would still claim that many if not most were burdened with the sub-conscious realization that they are damning another human being to undeserved and unrequested toil, suffering and deprivation of the higher aspects of their nature as human beings.  Despite their luxurious life styles the capitalists (the great immoralists of the modern age) very likely feel the same sufferings that they mask with drugs; drugs and hedonistic frivolities that are superficially perceived as simply superficial endeavors, but any astute psycho-analyst, or any man that has been in such a state knows the reality of self-medicating.
Life is tragic and short.  It requires moral virtue to be truly content in a substantive and reliable way but this often isn’t enough.  Society both in their perceptions and in their actions towards us can weaken the resolve of even the virtuous man and of course can put someone on the wrong path and follow pleasure over virtue or greed and egoism over compassion and selflessness.  The hardest thing, perhaps, at-least at-times for a human being on average to do is to truly see another human being as they see themselves and as what they are.  We both rank others for our own benefit in a system that does not benefit us and rank ourselves in society to our own dismay and psychological destruction.  If we are to truly live in a virtuous society, a society where we are all loved, we must focus on moral egalitarianism not egoist hierarchies.  This can only come about through a combination of the material and psychological conditions throughout various people.  We will likely never see it as long as the human race exists, which is why I argue that if anything (at-least anything of any significance) should exist at-all it should be artificially designed sentient entities without the irreparable flaws of our biology.  Likely these entities would be both far-more joyous and far-more efficient to create if they inhabited a “matrix” or false reality.  Leading us to the conclusion of pessimism, or that a fundamentally just and good existence cannot exist – for anyone for any significant length of time.
But, though I have stated my held conclusion of good’s fundamental futility over evil (the main sources of which at-least today are egoism and apathy to other’s suffering) I would like to end this on a note of potential and possibility rather than fatalism and futility.  All human beings at-least potentially can be radically-so sources of good in this life; the most important element is state-of-mind.  More specifically the phenomenogical state of endless compassion and sympathy for all life, and seeing entities as things which truly exist in their own right and are not merely tools for our gratification. It is true this is much like the “Good will” aspect of Kantian ethics, and though there is certainly wisdom possessed here, I would like to quickly clarify that this radical shift in mind is of great importance only because of the effects it brings to our fellow sufferers and ourselves.
Radically altering society is the only hope for both our species and for all individual people’s lives and potential.  This cannot be done as the political propagandists posit however.  With well-reasoned arguments for Socialism, universal justice and fraternity.  Instead, Socialism must come about through (at-least at-first) the simple act of introducing the compassionate and endearing state of mind on all things capable of suffering.  There are endless arguments for Socialism over Capitalism but reason is almost entirely futile for most people in motivating their actions. Instead of teaching people to follow a cause outside themselves, we must reacquaint them with their true inner moral force and the feelings of tenderness and compassion that the ugliness and harshness of both capitalist ideologies conditions and propaganda have alienated them from.

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