Monday, September 28, 2015

Something Out of the Ordinary

I usually write about philosophy and post my essays here but I thought I'd make a quick post on video games, in-part since I've already inserted the genre to my blog through bragging/reviewing the retro video games I'd beat over the summer.

The following is a link to two gents discussing a new atrocious console idea that is essentially scamming people for money:

First-off, the Retron V already exists.  Which plays retro carts which I already thought was a dumb idea since 80's-early 90's consoles you can emulate incredibly easily and play either on your PC or display on your TV.  What I think someone should do is make a retro CD based console that plays the majority of mid 90's-early 00's consoles.  Though I'm not sure of the hardware difficulties and the licensing fees from Sega and Sony as well as potentially others.  Emulating more advanced console's games is more complicated and it requires a more state-of-the-art computer to emulate them well.  Also they would be much easier to universalize because the Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, PSOne, PSTwo, 3DO and Xbox (and the CD-i if you want to include that piece of shit) all played games on CDs obviously.

This retro console idea is ob-veeh-s-lee terrible.  People can easily download retro games both new and old from various sources online.  Not only is it a turd of an idea, but it's being executed in a immoral fashion which the podcasters go into.  I don't know a lot about these people or their politics and ethics, but it seems like they're capitalists and egoists who realize they cannot make a profit making anything good so instead they've decided to dupe how many suckers they can.

And quickly, another advantage of my console idea is the controllers for most of those consoles had very comparable controllers.  So figuring out how to map all the different console's games onto one universal controller wouldn't be hard at-all.  I think the main reason why they don't do this is because Sony and Microsoft would sue them up the ass; particularly Sony because to my knowledge they allow PS3 and 4 owners to download old games for the PSOne, so like Nintendo making it hard to pirate Super Mario Bros they care about protecting their investment. 

Though I think it would be a shame for it to not be all it could, maybe Sega should just make a console that plays Sega CD (if they can get around the CD requiring the genesis which I suppose they could) Saturn and Dreamcast games.  The Dreamcast had pretty good technical specs on it, so they could even make new games for their new console which would be cheaper than a modern console and would look around the level of early 00's consoles in general.  Which I think would be sufficient because this was the time when 3-D games could be rendered fairly well.  Not only this, but I consider the PS2, Gamecube, Xbox the Golden Age of gaming because it was when the graphics were decent but not overly polished and everything wasn't consumed by updates and online gameplay.  That's why I was actually considering buying a PS2 or Xbox for a while even though I don't have a TV.

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