Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Brief Note on Hope and the Christian God

I feel great sympathy for those who beg God to take away their pain in moments of heartache and agony.  Fool!  Who do you think inserted the knife in your side by damning you to this fate?  By damning you to your existence!  Your god is not one of compassion or mercy; save to the extent it is so easy for humans to die and be saved the burden of this existence.

Your lord is one of broken promises and unanswered prayers.  He is hope personified.  Feeding on your decadent tears and fervent pleading, offering only more of the same - if not taking what little you had in this life as his response.  More life with dreams and wishes unrealized, with prayers unanswered.  He makes your life more miserable and wretched, and in your ever increasing desperation you hope even more; only to continue and exasperate the cycle of hope, disappointment and suffering.

A true God would be a destroyer, not a creator of worlds.  A true Lord of Mercy and Love would be that being that would put an end to all things - not begin this eons long cycle of meaningless misery and pointless pain!

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