Sunday, October 18, 2015

I'm My Own Grampa

The Terminator is clearly a depiction of Determinist time travel.  John always has to send Kyle into the past to impregnate Sarah with John - there's more details that I won't go into.  Back to the Future is the franchise with indeterminist time travel.  But my professor ignorantly says Terminator isn't deterministic because the characters in the franchise (including the machines) are all trying to change the past.  Never once thinking that's the point - that them trying to rewrite history is what makes it what it is for all time.  A snake eating it's tail forever, like in that movie where a woman fucks her future self (and a man fucks his past self) and in the process of giving birth to herself (to be sent to the past by himself) becomes the man who will fuck his past self.

The fact she couldn't understand that simply because the characters believe in free will and indeterminancy doesn't mean these things exist in the framework of the franchise just shows what low critical thinking skills even the "learned" by-en-large have.

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