Friday, October 30, 2015

On Who's Keeping Track at this Point?

First off, sorry I haven't posted anything serious for a while guys.  Mostly classes have gotten in the way but also I've been working on my Independent Study so until I'm done with that I may not have anything substantive (read lengthy) to post.  I do plan on posting a brief movie analysis on Halloween (sorry for ruining your guesses of whether or not I would those who are just coming to terms with their psychic powers - but then again I could end up not posting it; you tell me... [doo-doo doo-doo, doo-doo doo-doo]).  I also plan on writing something on a film I just saw, that may be coming.  We'll see.

If this film is in your area check it out:  it basically shows what sheep most people are.  I try not to have contempt for most people, because I don't think its their fault they are who they are - but basically I believe most human beings are shit.  I do have sympathy for them, at-times compassion, but ultimately I'm working (or planning/working towards working) for the Right to Die movement because I know the fundamental problems can't/won't be fixed.  And as a N.U. I believe those who suffer the most have the highest moral consideration - those who want to commit suicide but face legal constraint are on the top of that list.

And I don't want to sound vindictive or resentful, but after I'm done with this I'm going to watch the shit out of some Bill Maher (I'm not really a huge fan of his - more of a Stanhope/Louis CK guy - I can take him or leave him really) just knowing it would piss off an idiot relative of mine.

From me to you:  Fuck you buddy.

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