Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Because that's the problem, right South Park?

I wanted to write this the moment I knew they were going in this direction, then decided to give them at-least somewhat the benefit of the doubt and would watch the entire episode.  But nope, it's just pro-cop propaganda from a bunch of libertarians.  Force is wrong as long is it just involves you rich cocksuckers opening your fat fucking wallets right?  Treating the homeless like shit, murdering people and taking peoples' lives away via prison is hunkey-dorey.  You clearly love free-dumb.

I actually thought the first episode of SP was one of the better episodes they've had in a while.  I'm a fairly progressive person (could you tell?) but some aspects of the SJW-tumblr crowd does bother me and I think the first episode was funny and accurate - one of the reasons why it was funny was because of its accuracy.

But yes, the problem in America now is everyone treating cops like shit, right?  And when I say "treating cops like shit" I mean some Americans believing its wrong when a cop-fascist dip-shit takes a human life without good cause.  You gotta love Conservatives and Libertarians.  They hate dem some Gov'ment, but they'll do anything to defend the cops and military - y'know, the parts of the Government that actually back up the force they pretend to be against; or rather are against as long as its force (taxes) that actually help someone.  If its force that puts the poor in jail they can't be fucking bothered.  If anything they cheer and say America is too tolerant on crime and people should have a dildo shoved up their ass further.

I also love their acceptance of police brutality on innocence people as the norm.  We don't want "Anarchy" so cops beating the shit out of people who aren't me is just something we'll have to deal with right?  Go fuck yourselves.  This is the essence of Hobbsian rationalizing of the State to a tea.  Which once again just shows how bankrupt on its own supposed principles many to most Libertarians are.  Taxes are just theft by the Government but cracking a nigger's skull is great if you can justify it as keeping your hoity-toity shitty existence of shopping for flatscreens and being a good Christian by ringing a bell once a year as it is right?  Anything to keep your precious existence as mundane and unconflicted by the fact that there are other people in this world whose problems and ambitions consist of more than just what shitty bar-restaurant to go to.

Happy Morons-Who-Believed-Patriotic-Propaganda-Day, or Happy Fuckheads-Who-Unintentionally-Preserved-International-National-and-Class-Interest-Day.  I forgot which one.

And incidentally:  anyone who would take offense with the fact I typed the word "nigger" is missing the point.  I'm obviously usual lingual inflection to express the state-of-mind of the people I'm making fun of by showing what I feel to be their true thought process or rationale whether they express it explicitly or not.

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