Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My... no, too easy

I just finished My Left Foot, the biographical picture of Christy Brown.  I'd bet any amount of money Pro-Life Catholics (and Christians generally) just fucking loved this movie.  They thought it showed how great even the most wretched and pain-riddled life can be, and this movie shows just how stupid and evil they are in their beliefs.

However, I did particularly enjoy the end.  It's inspired me to write, which asides from my research paper (which even that I'm slacking on) I haven't done in some time.  If memory serves whenever winter begins to befall us here I begin to feel lethargic.  Hopefully I'll write something (asides from this) tonight.  Even if it's just making steps in my Aristotle-Bakunin paper.

It was a fairly good film.  As far as biographical flicks go, I think I still prefer Amadeus and Reds (which is half biography, half historical re-enactment).

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