Saturday, November 7, 2015

On Fuck Cars and Fuck Conservatives - Real clever title I know Or: On Moral Laziness, Hypocrisy and Irrationality

On Real Time with Bill Maher there was a woman who writes for the National Review (Buckley's old magazine) argued we need to care about gas prices because they're huge burdens on the poor and minorities.  Don't you just love how Republicans pretend to give a shit about who they piss on routinely ("they're looters!") when it benefits them?  No Foodshare, no government daycare, very anti- social program, pro- blaming the victim, but when it comes to making an argument for doing whatever the oil companies want...

Anthony Weiner made a very good point.  People simply need to stop driving wherever they are going and we need to (though we won't) to stop encouraging this very sedentary culture where everything is made easy in one's personal life yet we live very grueling and degrading lives due-to Capitalism.  It's amazing.  And I put my money where my mouth is.  I don't have a car (never will) and I actually use my legs and walk or bike to where I need to go.  In the winter.  In Wisconsin.  It's fucking amazing how Conservatives who in most areas are heartless pieces of shit and scream "bootstraps!" at you 'til they're red in the face will become so "tolerant" and "accepting" of something that is causing our society and our planet a lot of problems.  Conservatives are real "pro-life" (what I call pro-suffering and pro-ignorance) until we can reduce deaths by legislating smoking and car regulations among other things.  Then life isn't really a huge concern for them, is it?  These assholes who are constantly moralizing (hypocritically and/or incorrectly) to young people to "do things right" and "don't take short-cuts" sure like to drive wherever they're wasting their insignificant lives away don't they?

You'd be amazed how many problems vanish when you reject Capitalism and pro-natalism (contemporary bourgeois existence of focusing on family and ownership) and focus on living a ascetic bohemian existence where you're not attached to anything physical.  Not many bills to pay (but still too many) and you don't have to worry about any lives of people you didn't bring into existence.  Instead, there's a lot of time to spend selfishly and there's time to dedicate to try to help the people who already exist through various means.  The car really is almost the perfect representation of Hedonist-consumer culture.  It creates so much suffering and problems, but you don't have to carry those heavy groceries for twenty whole minutes, so the future of the human race is worth it, isn't it?

Moral preaching of the day:  Use your fucking legs and walk to the bar to get shit-faced rather than drive.  You're not going to be able to use your car when you're done anyway.

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