Friday, December 25, 2015

A Quick Note on Love and Compassion

Merry Christmas everyone!  I sincerely hope you all enjoyed yours.  Reflecting on today and the year I had I think I've come to further appreciate the simple but invaluable presence of kindness and the motive to treat people gently, with their own well-being at-heart rather than your own.  Though I'm still a Consequentialist, I do see the value in Augustine and Kant's pont of view about "the will."  It's essentially Schopenhauer's view as well, though he rejects free will and believes it has nothing (or little fundamentally) to do with reason (and I would assume rather a person's temperament) when Kant and Augustine are big worshippers of reason telling us right from wrong - at-least to my reasoning.  I think though I was always a Consequentialist I was more open to that part of Kant and Augustine when I was younger, and now I'm more open to Schopenhauer's and Hume's perspective on it.  Really want to do some research and start exploring this, but it'll probably be a few days before I do.

Take care everyone.  Don't be pricks to each other.  Also I made a mistake that my future biographers should know (har-har).  Turns out my Mom's side of the family just doesn't like wine and my grandfather being a past alcoholic has nothing to do with it.  My bad.

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