Monday, December 28, 2015

Eep Opp Orrk Ah-ah Means I Love You - Jet Screamer

Hey guys.  I know I've been making a lot of small pointless update (shouldn't that just be the name of this blog?) posts lately but good stuff is on the way.  I want to be productive during break, but I also will be enjoying myself more at-first and I have to prepare to go to my four-year school.

I just saw some episodes of Blind Date.  Really it just showed me how desperate people are to satisfy their Egos.  Lust is a factor as well (seemingly more for men than women) but I would actually say the Ego plays a more definitive role and actually more for women - at-least from what I've observed on the show and in life.  Certainly not all women, but there is a kind that is very concerned with what others think and feel (perhaps why women are less likely to be atheists are involved in radical politics) and define themselves based on exterior traits (e.g. social status, beauty, being wanted, etc) rather than interior traits (e.g. kindness, intelligence, modesty, etc).  I don't think saying this is sexist (I hold many men are like this too, but partly due-to nature and in-part nurture I do think women express this quality more-so than men, or perhaps its simply more apparent) but I know some do.  But oh well, all anyone can do is be who they are and be honest in their sentiments and if some people see it as something it's not then that's just the way things go.  Once again, though I'm a Consequentialist I see the importance in intention and mental state-of-being when it comes to a lot of things.  I'm a Socialist and a huge Progressive for example, but I recognize that if someone is in a certain type of phenomenological state, until someone wants to change or better themselves all the money or social reform in the world isn't going to help him.  Now I don't blame him for being who he is, but I recognize the functioning of the mechanism and that in some cases legislation or social reform won't fundamentally fix a person's problems - their problems are psychological, or things that someone like Freud or Augustine would see though they may - certainly Auggie - diagnose the problem wrong and give the wrong prescription.

Any who, enjoy your New Year.  I hope to improve myself more in it.  I'll probably have something to show you guys soon after.

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