Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I'm too lazy to think of a clever title, so let's just label this "meta" and call it a day shall we?

Hey motherfuckers.  Just posted my Indie Study that I wrote for one credit.  Kind of half-assed so it's no thirty page theory of everything but I like it.  Kind of.

Going to edit the Tolstoy paper and give you fine folks a better copy.  Looked at rough draft I posted and realized I was an auditory dyslexic (or whatever you'd call someone you mixes up "or" "are" and "our" semi routinely) and that it needs a once over.

Just finished the first two seasons of Rick and Morty in less than twenty-four hours.  Really loved it.  It's the kind of show that makes you hate it because it's so goddamn great you're envious of the bragging rights its creator(s) has that you don't.

Have a mid-term tomorrow and a written exam due Thursday; neither of which I've done shit for yet because I'm incredibly irresponsible.  Think I can pull a 'B' without studying and the written won't take much time once I actually start it.  Still it would be sad how much I procrastinate and search for things to keep me entertained if it mattered.  Even if I bomb everything I'll pass, but I still want to do well because I want a good note to end on before I move out of this shit hole town and move on to something better.  To kind of prove that I deserve it and entitled to something better that reflects something akin to my nature and aptitudes I guess. 

But part of human nature is something that no environment can be perfectly suited for; because all environments allow the human being to experience pain and place pain on others.  For much it's not the environment that's the problem - it's humanity as a whole that's destined towards pain and self-destruction.  But we can make the ride more enjoyable by making it less tragic and shitty along the way.  Which requires environments conducive to virtue as much as socially possible.

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