Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Celebrate However the Fuck You Want to Celebratemas Everyone!

Merry Believe-what-we-tell-you-or-suffer-forevermas Eve everyone!  I hope you all are having a tolerable time with those who you are forced to associate with around this time of year due-to tradition, social pressure, genetic similarities and past physical proximity (i.e. family).  Didn't drink anything yet; partially because my Mom's side of the family has a recovering alcoholic (of several decades) so alcohol isn't served typically at family functions.  Another example of one person's misery wishing to be extended to everyone.  I'll probably have a few glasses of wine at my Grandparents, especially if any of them decide to give me shit for being an Atheist.

I actually read a little bit of Augustine (I always misspell that fuckers name the first try) today.  Basically his stuff about his notion of evil being pride, willfulness and refusal to obey God.  Was thinking about writing a rebuttal of it but honestly I've already dismissed the whole free will thing before (numerous times, kind of a thing of mine) and it wouldn't be very long.  But I am planning on writing a lengthy analysis of Kant, and today I realized that Kant in some ways is just a secular Augustine (nope, that's not how you spell it either).  Both believe that ethics has to do with intent or will rather than results or actual actions taking place.  For Auggie its all about whether your will is in relation to what the Sky Father wants and in relation to "Nature" loosely speaking; for Kant morality comes solely from the good will - once again intentions or state of mind is everything.  Even as a Consequentialist I think they make points that are worth respecting (in that motives do matter) and most of what I want to write about Kant is a critique of his more Libertarian sided Deontology and how it reinforces the status-quo and keeps people suffering.  Also his solution to war could be seen as a pre-cursor to the Bush Doctrine.  Will (maybe) write a better worded account of this later before I post the finished product - assuming its something I finish.  I also wanted to write something examining the sims and diffs of Hume, Kant and Schopenhauer.  Maybe I'll quickly go into that in the paper because they're all pretty status-quo in my opinion.  Don't know who is the most though.  I dislike Kant's ethics the most whichever it is.


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