Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Always Shameless

My favorite show (tied with Rick and Morty) is back on!  Shameless season six motherfuckers!  As always I'm loving Lip's storyline the most.  I basically am Lip after-all (only more handsome).  If you haven't watched the show yet do yourself a favor.  To my knowledge it doesn't stream on Netflix or Hulu (though the Brit version - the original - still might on 'Flix though I never watched it) so you're going to have to go black flags if you have sense enough to not pay for cable.  Honestly, it's almost like Americans are trying to demonstrate the cliche' of being stupid the way they shovel out money to stare blankly at the crap they passively watch.  Though to televisions credit in the past ten years I think TVs really turned around.  Honestly asides from The Twilight Zone and TZ wannabe shows (okay maybe Star Trek, though that show is kind of like TZ with the same cast every episode) there's nothing worth watching 'fore the 90's.  Quite a lot of great shows now though, despite my "ooh I'm a intellectual" side of me wanting to shit on the state of American pop-culture and television in-general.  But hey, good stories are good stories.

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