Thursday, January 14, 2016

Blah blah blah

In kind of a "blah" spiral the last few days.  I need to pack up my shit and get ready to leave this town but I also want to write my paper on Stoicism which I probably won't get to.  This semester I got almost all A's (lowest grade a B) and with no exaggeration or desire to brag (ok, with little joy in bragging) I can honestly say I put in 10% to get those grades.  I probably could be an all A student if I gave it my all, but being a slacker is just too easy y'know?  Plus I'm loving Freaks and Geeks.  How it got only one season I have no clue.

Also I'm getting slightly into John Locke.  Disagree with him, and I already wrote a paper on him but I might write something else.  To me he's the social philosopher to Kant like Kant is the ethical philosopher of Locke - they complete each other.

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