Thursday, January 28, 2016


I like what zombies represent - at-least to me.  Perverting the supposed goodness of what the Creator has made.  Twisting it and making the appearance as the horrific as the true nature of life.  Expressing the tragedy and ugliness in life in a way that the eyes can understand.  The nightmare that is this life being seen in brightest day - no longer disguised by the vitality of nature and health of the organism.  The vitality of nature only extends and prolongs the nightmare.  If all became sick and died then there would be no more suffering; no more sickness.  No more wickedness nor virtuous people to be assaulted by wickedness.  Zombies as mindless flesh (assuming they cannot feel pain) are in an enviable position because they essentially do not exist.  The zombie is a being that perverts the image of what the Creator (Augustine argues that the Lord has made all things good - clearly not the case) has made and while distorting it (showing its true horror) shows also the peace and solace that comes through an acceptance of Pessimism and Existential Nihilism; the peace that comes to the dead which is everyone eventually and no one for one cannot exist and be dead.

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