Saturday, January 23, 2016


People should not mourn loved ones not because nothing has been lost (something has) or because something’s been “restored,” they should not mourn the loss of life in those they love because the one’s they love can no longer suffer and are freed from the mortal bonds that likely gave them grief.  They are no more.  I am essentially favoring the solace given through Epicurus instead of that of Epictetus.  

A friend of mine killed herself on my birthday.  More of a friendly schoolmate really, but we saw each other at bars, and I, like many, thought of her fondly because she treated us so kindly.  She always acted with consideration for the person, which is a quality that is very hard to over-value.

I did mourn her death.  Regardless of whether or not that makes my views inconsistent with my behavior.  Personally, I think it is healthy and beautiful, although painful, when for a time we mourn the loss of someone we love.  And when others too mourn, we are brought together in our loss and through our pain our love of others is strengthened.  The good will of humanity is expressed through the appreciation of life and of others through the loss of one (or many).  We realize how brief and painful this life can be, and how it is our moral duty to love.

Take care.

And though the person who died cannot hear me, I'm glad you're pain is over, and you've finally attained the peace you so desired, and you so deserved.

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