Monday, January 18, 2016

What? You wanted another Pointless Update? Well you got it.

Had an interesting dialogue with Noam Chomsky.  He was nice enough to take the time to have a dialogue with me but frankly he either didn't understand the points I made about free will or what's more likely he didn't want to exert the effort to have a dialogue as equals.  I appreciate what he does for social activism, but in general I think he has a type of snobbishness that comes out in some of his interviews.  For an Anarchist (and someone who claimed in my message to be a 'Humean Skeptic' though from what I've listened of him he discredits Skepticism as well as Hard Determinism as patently absurd) he doesn't seem to tolerate disagreement very-well. 

Maybe I'm mistaken.  And again, really cool that he e-mailed me.  Anyone who wants to start a dialogue with him just look at his MIT page.  When I was younger I looked up to Chomsky so I would be disappointed except honestly not only did I notice the snobbishness years ago but he makes claims about Aristotle that during my Independent Study this last semester I found out were quite inaccurate, so what I saw really wasn't anything novel.  I could go more into it but my point is that he seems to be sloppy when it comes to some points and doesn't care about intellectual rigor.

If I can I might read some Diderot soon.  He sounds like an interesting guy.

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