Friday, January 15, 2016

Why am I posting this?

Have a headache so don't expect the most eloquent writing.

Been watching a lot of stories lately.  Been thinking about the "thrown-ness" of all human beings.  Not deciding or having any control over who they are or how they feel.  Lost in the confusion and muck of their existence.  In a way, I've come to see human ambitions and desires as a type of muck, dirtying up the sterile clean pristine eternity that is non-existence or existence devoid of life.  We all just want to be content, to be loved, to be accepted, but the pains of life are far more worse than the feeling that comes from having all these urges and needs met. 

We're all just floating around adrift in this ocean of life, and there are so many pointless and superficial things that divide us, but ultimately we're all the same.

Take care.

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